Thursday, August 13, 2015

Educational opportunities

"Pro-Tory group seeks to fly Canadian voters in from Israel"

Tweet (Smile & Nod Politely):
""Pro-Tory group seeks to [get out the Genocide Booster vote for .]" | via "

"Morgan Wheeldon, Kings-Hants NDP candidate, resigns over Israel comments"

"Roundtable on the Palestinian solidarity movement and Alison Weir"  See the comments to:  "Mondoweiss Breaks Silence Over The Alison Weir/JVP Controversy – Or Do They?"  The lites go batshit about two undeniable truths, the power and malign influence of the Lobby, and the illegal Israeli organ harvesting.  The upshot is that more people have heard about Weir, important as her main problem is censorship by the Jew-controlled media.

"Can Chuck Schumer Kill the Iran Deal?" by Ali Gharib:
"The Democratic Senate staffer suggested, however, that planting a hawkish pro-Israel flag may be exactly what Schumer has in mind. “He’s basically come out very early and said to the entire Democratic caucus, ‘Israel issues are just off the table,’” the staffer said. “He’s saying, ‘Any time anything like this comes up, you can count on me to be in the extreme pro-Israel position.’ That’s a tell for the future.”
Laying down that marker, though, doesn’t necessarily mean killing Obama’s Iran deal. The staffer told me Schumer knows that, according to the procedure laid out in the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, if either chamber passes a resolution disapproving of the deal and Obama, as he has promised to, vetoes it, the bill would then go back to Congress, where only one chamber would need to sustain the veto for the deal to stand. If that vote goes to the House—where Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi (CA) has argued forcefully in support of the deal—first, then the Senate may never see the agreement again.
A Schumer bundler who supports diplomacy told me he suspected the New York Senator was counting on it. “I would hope that someone who aspires to be majority leader in the next round would not knowingly undermine his own party’s president if he thought the deal was at risk,” said the donor, who asked not to be named to preserve his access to Schumer. Despite that likely calculation, the donor added, “I’m disappointed with his decision to stand against a deal.”
With Pelosi marshaling support for the Iran accord in the House, then, it seems unlikely to me that the deal will be upended by Schumer’s opposition. But his position might yet become kindling that fuels discontent among Democratic Senators on his future leadership role. “The other thing that might be his undoing,” the Senate staffer told me of Schumer’s leadership prospects, “is the government funding fight that we’re going to have after the Iran debate. Schumer is positioned, because he’s a deal-cutter, right in the center of it as a guy who wants to triangulate out of this.” Bucking the White House and his fellow Democrats for the second time in a row, only to side with Republicans, on a major issue would be a “dangerous path,” the staffer said. “Then, if that comes on the heels of Iran, you’ve got a situation where it’s like, What the hell is Schumer up to?”"
Tweet (Zaid Jilani) ('we'):
 ""Every time the Arab world, the Palestinians, have risen against us, we have risen to defeat them" - Chuck Schumer "

"UANI, Joe Lieberman and the MEK" by Ali Gharib. 

"Israeli defence minister says he is 'not responsible' for lives of Iranian nuclear scientists following historic US-Iran deal"  "Ya'alon Hints Israel May Target Iranian Scientists"

"If I Were an Israeli Looking at the Iran Deal" There is not even a piece of punctuation in this that isn't a lie.  We live in very educational times.

The American white supremacists, no doubt under the influence of Christian Zionism and also no doubt under the influence of bribes, never mention Jews as a problem.  It is quite striking considering the virulent anti-Semitism of white supremacists in, say, the 60s and 70s.  Suddenly, under the onslaught of the current education, I am reading express criticism of the Jews.  See:  "Obama Surprisingly Good – Opposes Foreign Wars for Foreign Interests"  Remember that the election and reelection of Obama is the Holocaust for these people.
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