Tuesday, August 11, 2015


"Resume requirement for counter-terrorism job appears to include: Jewish"  Of course the head of Islamophobia for the American government would have to be Jewish.

"Israel: Catholic Church chiefs file complaint against radical Jewish group head"

Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"Not until paragraph 5 does reveal that Israel has released the suspects in the firebombing "
Tweet (Anonymous):
"Never forget. "
"Where's the #BlackLivesMatter Critique of the Black Misleadership Class, or Obama or Hillary?"  Just another tool of Clinton electioneering, which removes all its credibility as a social justice campaign.

"The Real Black Lives Matter Wants Activists To Publicly Apologize to Bernie Sanders"  Note the counter-conspiracy theory that Glen Ford is working for the Republicans!

"Joel Pollak and Bill Kristol on Obama’s rabid anti-Semitism" by Kevin MacDonald

"LOL. Anti-Iran Deal Farce Hits Crescendo" As crazy as it sounds, the head of United Against Nuclear Iran actually was against a nuclear Iran, so when he got exactly what he wanted in Barry's Iran deal, he said so.  Thus he had to be replaced by the Jewish billionaires who fund such blood-pouring-from-the-fangs ultra-Zionist front operations.  With Joe Lieberman, who won't disappoint.

"Ted Heath 'fixed it for Jimmy Savile to get OBE and attended paedophile group meetings'"  Note that the information on Savile was known to Harold Wilson, who warned the Queen.

"Clinton, Juppé, Erdoğan, Daesh and the PKK" by Thierry Meyssan.  Lots of conspiracies! Erdoğan is putting his own country in extreme danger in order to increase his election prospects as the only possible savior of Turkey!  Note:
"General John Allen had twice succeeded in prolonging the war against Syria. In June 2012, he plotted with General David Petraeus and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to sabotage the Geneva agreement between Washington and Moscow for peace in the Near East. This agreement called, amongst other things, for peace in Syria – even though Damascus had not been invited to the conference – but this was considered inacceptable by both the US neo-conservatives and the US « liberal hawks ». The trio Clinton-Allen-Petraeus counted on the new French President, François Hollande, and his new Minister for Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius, to convene a conference of the « Friends of Syria » and reject the Geneva Agreement. Since he was in the heat of an election campaign, President Obama could not sanction his collaborators, but the day following his election, he had David Petraeus and John Allen arrested, victims of a sexual trap. Hillary Clinton stayed on for a few weeks, but then suddenly retired after an « accident ». Finally, only Petraeus was found guilty, while Allen was whitewashed and Clinton – like Juppé – began preparations for the next Presidential election campaign."
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