Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ideological contagion

Finally, proof for the existence of a God who loves us:  "Well, Well, Well: Josh Duggar Was Looking For Side Ass On Ashley Madison"  Also proof of the existence of Cupid:  "Is This Josh Duggar's OkCupid Profile?"

"What now, Einstein?"  The (Lite) Jewish Problem.

"The French National Front and Donald Trump"

Tweet (albertarabbit):
 "Tommy Douglas quote in 1942 is so VERY relevant today. Wow! . "

"Pierre Omidyar's news site silent on spying scandal involving his partners at AT&T"  The libertarian story is that governments can never do anything but evil, and that corporations cannot do anything but good except in those cases where they are corrupted by government.

"Major publisher retracts 64 scientific papers in fake peer review outbreak"  It is amazing how many things we have allowed to be self-regulating (or have assumed self-regulation when there really was no policing at all), based, I guess, on some ideal of the nobility of human behavior.

"The Labour Party turns on the Israel Lobby":
"There are only about 300,000 Jews in Britain. The potential four million Muslim block has formed an increasing proportion of the Labour vote and will only grow larger. Indeed, Muslim Labour Party voters control some of the most rotten and corrupt boroughs in Britain. It is a fair bet they will not be turning out for Israel’s convenience."
"Jeremy Corbyn and the Jews" (Atzmon)

The healthy aspect is that Corbyn's popularity rises with each attack.
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