Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Inherited trauma

Common thread.  "ZOA's LA Chairman Endorses Terrorism" (from 2013).  "Bernie Sanders’s 27 years of Israel answers"  "Holocaust survivors' grandchildren call for action over inherited trauma"  "David Horowitz Tells Alan Colmes That Obama Is A 'Jew Hater'"  "Neocons Fred & Don Kagan wanted a US military invasion of Palestine in response to 9/11"  "Illegal settler threatens to kill international activists"  "George Soros Foundation ceases its activities in Russia"

"Trump Wants to Be President" by Michael Collins Piper. "Donald Trump: ‘ I’m No Apprentice When It Comes To Israel’"  Certain people who want to invest in casinos are so crooked they are not allowed to, requiring front men to pretend to be the real investors.

"In Their Own Words: What Some Israeli Politicians Really Think About Arabs and LGBTs"

"Is There A Right-Wing Orthodox Terror Problem In Israel?"

"Trump Hair History"
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