Sunday, August 30, 2015


"Money laundering probe in case of Argentine prosecutor"  AP puts a misleading headline on it to hide the bribery, or perhaps just the Israeli government employment checks.

"Dems say party chair blocked Iran resolution at DNC meeting"  "Reports: DNC Chair Blocked Dem Resolution To Support Iran Deal"  I'm detecting a pattern in one small particular group.

More pattern:  "Sanders Foreign Policy: Backing Saudi Intervention"

Ottoman Empire news:
  1. "Another Shoe Drops in the Turkish “Passports for Uyghurs” Case"
  2. "Thai police arrest suspect in Bangkok shrine bombing" ("Police also found “a number of passports from one country,” Prawuth said. He did not name the country but photographs shown during the broadcast showed stacks of passports that appeared to be Turkish.")
  3. "Turkey Duped the US, and ISIS Reaps Rewards"
"Emmanuel Todd: the French thinker who won't toe the Charlie Hebdo line"  I'll bet you didn't imagine they could find a way to put a Jewish supremacist propaganda spin on attacking the French ultra-Islamophobic Charlie Hebdo demonstrations!

"How Tony Blair and other war criminals are getting the Iraq report watered down"  Appropriately, ‘Maxwellisation’:
"Recently, it was revealed that Sir John Chilcot and his team have been engaged in a process of Maxwellisation with some of the individuals criticized in the report, and that some of these individuals have brought their lawyers in.
This is – or ought to be -something to make collective jaws drop. Remember that the Chilcot Inquiry was not a judicial investigation.  It had no power to subpoena individuals or documents. If people didn’t want to appear before it they didn’t have to.  If certain departments didn’t want to hand over documents, all the Inquiry could do was haggle and say please.
Whatever the conclusions of the report, no one will face any legal charges as a result of them.  Only their reputations will be at stake.  Yet the individuals who have been Maxwellised are allowed to respond to the report’s conclusions with lawyers, and the Inquiry will change its conclusions as a result. And even more incredibly, according to a recent report in the Daily Telegraph, the public will never know which individuals have been Maxwellised, or the original criticisms that were directed against them, or the modifications that may have been made to these criticisms as a result of intervention by their lawyers!"
Tweet (Thundercock):
"#LIZARDS Remain vigilant."
"Kenney derides Trudeau’s pledge to repeal PC citizenship law" A little late for Trudeau after taking the Jewmoney and voting for the worst piece of Islamophobic 'security' legislation in Canadian history.

"Police are still sifting items seized from raid on Harvey Proctor" Poor bastard is so upset at the nature of the horrific allegations against him that he has had to flee the jurisdiction, just like all innocent people do.

Tweet (Mallory Shelbourne):
"What a time to be alive"
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