Saturday, August 22, 2015

Nothing to do with reality

Grasping + pseudoscience = "Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children's genes".  Comment by
There is nothing new in this ' study ' or story with it being published in this Israeli Newspaper Haaretz in October 2007 . At the time in Israel there was a growing legal campaign for children of Holocaust survivors to submit compensation claims to Germany .
Grasping + 'journalism' = "Was Paris's Chief Rabbi rescued from an axe-wielding Nazi mob?: Police and Jewish authorities in Paris say Vanity Fair's article about alleged anti-Semitic attack "has nothing to do with reality""

"Chemi Shalev: American Jews must oppose Trump’s immigration policy" by Kevin MacDonald

"Turkey is an absolute obstacle to defeating IS"

"Former IAEA Head of Verification: AP’s Iran Doc a “Crude” Forgery"

"Barak: Possibility of attack against Iran raised three times, and blocked"  "Israel Came Close to Attacking Iran, Ex-Defense Minister Says – Jodi Rudoren/The New York Times"  Well, except they had no physical way to do it.

"Short of a conspiracy theory? You can always blame the Jews"
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