Sunday, August 23, 2015


"Jean Jaures And Donald Trump: A New Dissident Right Taking Shape In France And America?"  Red-brown isn't new.  Note that the attacks on it are almost invariably Jewish.  It ties in nicely to the current lite Zionist attacks on Counterpunch (Alexander Cockburn was seen as red-brown).  I love that 20s and 30 real socialism of people who would now be described as 'anti-Semites', but who were really Jew-skeptics, real champions of the working class and poor, and anti-war humanists.  Who were the people who took over the left for their own group supremacist purposes, and ruined it?

"Did Donald Trump Keep Hitler Speeches By His Bed?"

The cold, hard facts are what make you a skeptic:  "The brothers who funded Blair, Israeli settlements & Islamophobia"

"Poroshenko, according to the US State Department (In case anyone needed reminding!): "Our Ukraine Insider""

"Jeff Bezos, Amazon, and the Lack of Profits"  The Amazon scam is staggering (Bezos is a more sophisticated version of Madoff):
"It is also important to note the big handout that Amazon has relied upon from taxpayers. Amazon has not had to collect sales tax in most states for most of its existence, giving the company an enormous subsidy in its competition with brick and mortar competitors. The cumulative size of this subsidy almost certainly exceeds its cumulative profits in the years that it has been in existence. Any discussion of Bezos success should mention this huge subsidy from the government."
"Hillary Clinton’s Email: the Definitive Timeline"  "Clinton’s Email Brag"

"Why It Really All Comes Down To The Death Of The Petrodollar"

Tweet (VICE Canada):
"Meet the Montreal Artist Putting Dildos in Stephen Harper’s Hands: "
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