Friday, August 28, 2015

Return on investment

I don't get the impression that Europeans even have a clue that their support of the Wars For The Jews against Libya and Syria is the root cause of their refugee problem.

Libya Attack 2 set up by American stooges ISIS:  "‘Islamic State’ Pretence and the Upcoming Wars in Libya"

Clean up in aisle 88:  "Jean-Marie Le Pen Expelled from National Front"

"Harvey Proctor; World Wide Child Abuse - Updated"  "Harvey Proctor accuser ‘distressed’ by former MP’s denial"  Exaronews.  Is being a homosexual now an ironclad defense to an accusation of pedophilia?

"5 key findings from Undisclosed that Serial missed" The Baltimore police/prosecutorial/judicial system is unbelievably corrupt.

"Guest Post: The Donald Exposed (A Reality Check For Trumpeteers)"

"Wall Street and the Matrix: Where is Neo When We Need Him?" by Paul Craig Roberts

"Sun Media reporter unloads on Tories"  From a 'news agency' which is essentially Harper's PR department.

With the new big civilian slaughter commencing by the Ukrainian army/neo-Nazis, somebody tried to pull a fast one:  "Who slipped? How fake report on ‘Russian soldier deaths’ in Ukraine set MSM on fire"

"Kissinger’s role in gaining U.S. acceptance of Israeli nukes a case study in Zionist manipulation"  It is funny how often Jews commit high reason and then claim it was really motivated by patriotic feelings towards the country they happen to be temporarily living in.

"Israel’s JINSA Earns Return on Investment:  190 Americans Admirals and Generals Oppose Iran Deal"

"Dick Cheney Prepares to Fearmonger Again on Aluminum Tube Day"

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