Sunday, August 02, 2015

Ruthless and merciless

"We saw the fire eating the house': A report from the West Bank village of Duma"

"Paul Singer and the Universality of “Anti-Semitism”" (you also have to remember the enormous suffering caused to millions of people by the currency speculation of Soros):
"The merciless nature of these Jewish vulture funds has provoked some comment, but the general populations of many countries aren’t familiar with enough of the facts to start joining the dots. Nevertheless, this type of financial parasitism has had a devastating impact on a number of nations. A sovereign’s money is technically owned by its citizens. Making the Panamanian, Argentinian, Congolese, Ecuadorian, Polish or Vietnamese government pay for the full value of the debt, plus interest and fees, even as the major creditors accepted a discounted payment, meant handing citizens’ money to a hedge fund rather than investing in, for example, roads, schools, hospitals, clean water projects or social welfare programs. In the aftermath of Elliot’s judgment against Congo, the Congolese were forced to abandon water purification programs leading to widespread dehydration."
 "After the cartoons appeared Singer and other influential Jews, including Abraham Foxman, cried anti-Semitism. This was despite the fact the cartoons contain no reference whatsoever to Judaism — unless of course one defines savage economic predation as a Jewish trait. Samsung denied the cartoons were anti-Semitic and took them off the website, but the uproar over the cartoons only seemed to spur on even more discussion about Jewish influence in South Korea than was previously the case. In a piece published a fortnight ago, Media Pen columnist Kim Ji-ho claimed “Jewish money has long been known to be ruthless and merciless.” Last week the former South Korean ambassador to Morocco, Park Jae-seon, expressed his concern about the influence of Jews in finance when he said, “The scary thing about Jews is they are grabbing the currency markets and financial investment companies. Their network is tight-knit beyond one’s imagination.” The next day, cable news channel YTN aired similar comments by local journalist Park Seong-ho, who stated on air that “it is a fact that Jews use financial networks and have influence wherever they are born.” It goes without saying that comments like these are unambiguously similar to complaints about Jewish economic practices in Europe over the course of centuries. The only common denominator between the context of fourteenth-century France and the context of twenty first-century South Korea is, you guessed it, Jewish economic practices."

Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"For those without access, here is the section about the settler handbook for burning Palestinian families alive. "

"Top French Official Contradicts Kerry on Iran Deal"  Rogin has long been a propaganda operative for violent Jewish supremacism:  "Not a “Right of Return” Question, or, Josh Rogin Needs To Read Better" and "Josh Rogin, repeat offender".  Of course, a 'top French official' might have said a lot of things, as France is pretty much fucked.

"A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of democracy":
"In pursuit of setting "the EU's political agenda", Mr Tusk cemented his right-wing credentials by stating publicly that "I am really afraid of this ideological or political contagion, not financial contagion, of this Greek crisis". Lest anyone miss his point, the former Polish prime minister went on to say that his concern was caused by the "radical leftist illusion that you can build some alternative" to the EU's neoliberal economic model.
He fears that this "illusion" resulted from "wide spread impatience", which could lead to "the introduction of revolutions" (all quotations from the FT article). Carthage posed an existential threat to Roman power in ancient times. For Mr Tusk and the Troika, the Syriza government posed a radical threat to the recently consolidated neoliberal eurozone. "

"I'm Ashley Barr, A.K.A "Adam Turner", the first Mt.Gox employee, and alleged DPR (:/). AMA"  Amazing:  "Around the same time, we learned that Mark only had one bank account, shared with Mt.Gox's customer deposits. That was the nail in the coffin."

"Obama Administration War Against Apple and Google Just Got Uglier"  Classic Intercept glibertarianism, exactly what Pierre is paying for.

"NSA report shows China hacked 600+ US targets over 5 years" ('coincidentally'):
"The leak, coincidentally, comes as the leadership of the NSA and Department of Defense continues to lobby for the creation of a "cyber-deterrent"—a network attack capability that could be used to launch a massive and crippling computer and network attack against any adversary who launched an attack on US networks."

"Hillary Clinton’s Empowerment"  Hillary's political views are the views of someone who supported Goldwater in 1964, and haven't changed one iota since.  Her thinking is profoundly right-wing.  She's added a thin veneer of identity politics.

"Institute of Peace’s Hawkish Chairman Wants Ukraine to Send Russians Back in Body Bags"  What else would you expect from Stephen Hadley?
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