Thursday, August 27, 2015

Simmer for two weeks

"Seven Ways Racism Is Built In"

"Tory candidates told to avoid debates, media during campaign"  "NDP in reach of majority, new poll suggests"  It will be extremely heartening if it becomes obvious that taking the Jewmoney leads directly to political oblivion:  "Stephen Maher: Justin Trudeau’s drop in polls followed his support for Harper’s anti-terror bill"

"Total War in Yemen Totally Ignored by Western Media"

"Talmud and Taboo: Part Two of Two"

"Yes, Evan Osnos is a Jew"

"Freedom Rider: Bernie Sanders' Conservative Foreign Policy" by Margaret Kimberley. About as progressive as Dick Cheney.

"Did Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman Get Caught Cheating?" To be fair, I imagine Elon Musk drives a Tesla.

"Globalization's Bad Hair Day" Trump easily falls into the long American tradition of snake-oil salesmen, evangelical preachers, and grifters, blown up by the exceptionalism that leads to the celebration of the minutiae of the bizarrely long American nomination process.  Note how his overt racism, as opposed to the norms of conduct of Republican candidates, who are expected to be racist but subtle (dog-whistling), is spun as honesty, authenticity (extremely important in a phony world), and integrity.

"Bowhead whale found dead, beached near Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T."  Recipe
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