Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Skepticism isn't hatred

"Meet the European Fighters Who Have Gone to War in Ukraine"  Which side, you ask?  For the Ukrainian government.  Why?  So they can fight with their neo-Nazi brethren.

"Jerusalem: Nothing holy about the holy city – Dr. Ashraf Ezzat/ Veterans Today"  Jews have got their mountains mixed up.  Maybe that's why their pals the Saudis are flattening Yemen!

"Inquiry Weighs Whether ISIS Analysis Was Distorted"  The utter and obvious insanity of the American approach to ISIS is causing a little push-back against Zionist stooge Gen. John Allen.  At least some people realize that working for a purely Zionist Yinonization plan is not in the national interests of the United States.

"Is Turkey’s War on Terror a Consequence of the Iran Deal?" This is a nice way of saying that rebuilding the Ottoman Empire is going to cause conflicts.

"These Former "Students" Say Trump University Was a Scam"  Again, 'con artist' fits better than 'billionaire'.

"The Fearful and the Frustrated"  "NEW YORKER’S Evan Osnos Learns Nothing—His Article About Trump Supporters One Long Sneer"  The white nationalists, who are after all a fairly small group of losers, are loving all the attention brought by their being conned yet again by another con artist.

"Complaint claims US taxpayer dollars subsidizing Jewish terrorism in Israel – TOI"

"Iran is Great van: no apology or compensation to family from Met" Do you have to fail an IQ test to become a police officer?

"Human Rights, Palestinians and the 2015 Canadian elections"  There is no possible explanation for this other than Jewmoney.

"The Primacy Of Jewish Genes" (Atzmon)

"Antisemitism has no place on the left. It is time to confront it"  My view is that the complete repression of natural Jew-skepticism is what leads to violence, and that there can be no possible progressive politics that doesn't certain a degree of Jew-skepticism. Jews have a long documented record of conspiring to elevate their supremacist group interests over the interests of the wider society, and any kind of supremacism distinguishes between human beings, the exact opposite of true progressive politics (if you can't see this after the Jewish neocon scheming for the attack on Iraq - not to mention Libya and Syria - or the current outrageous warmongering over Iran, there really is no hope for you, or us).  Four million dead Muslims, not to mention an enormous amount of displacement and suffering, and the incalculably large opportunity cost of all the Wars For The Jews which could have been sued for progressive human advancement, are the direct result of insufficient Jew-skepticism.  All I ask is whenever a group of self-serving Jews trying to build an Empire tells us it is a good idea to assist them in killing people and stealing land - Wars For The Jews - or tells us it is a good idea for us to hate and abuse a large group of people - Islamophobia - we step back and consider whether these supremacist actions are moral, or even in our best interests.  Is that too much to ask?  Apparently so, and any move towards sanity and morality is immediately policed by wails of 'anti-Semitism'.  Fortunately, the attacks on the Iran peace and on Corbyn's humanism are making it clear what is really going on.
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