Friday, August 21, 2015

Somewhat intellectual

Important link from sarz in the comments:  "How MI5 failed to expose matriarch of Cambridge spy ring"  They've finally found the 'Mega' of the Philby/Burgess/Maclean spy ring, a 'somewhat intellectual Viennese Jewess', while, on the eve of his release, Pollard's Mega remains officially unidentified.  Hilariously, of course, the article has to state:  "They not only record MI5’s justified suspicions; they also betray a degree of antisemitism and xenophobia within the agency."  It seems they could have used a bit higher 'degree of antisemitism and xenophobia'.

"The Meeropol Brothers: Exonerate Our Mother, Ethel Rosenberg"  They've got an argument (though the counter-argument is much stronger:  "What the K.G.B. Files Show About Ethel Rosenberg"), but were I an American, I would find their Pollard timing highly offensive.

"Reporter Says She Secretly Recorded "Monster" Jared Fogle for Years"  Has anyone ever done a study about the propensity of Jews to pedophilia?  Sounds like a recipe for the end of your career.  All I read about these days is diddling rabbis, and the bizarre efforts of the Jews to cover up for them (crazy, as the victims are almost always Jewish children).  Could pedophilia be a result of millennia of inbreeding, akin to some recognized diseases, and even more likely in the class of rabbis, many of whom are from traditional rabbi families? The comparison to Catholic priests is not useful, as Catholic priests are drawn from a class of men who have agreed to a life of celibacy, so you're starting from an unusual psychology.

"Himachal: Probe continues against Kasol café that denies entry to Indians"

"Is an Ukronazi attack imminent? Yes! So what else is new?"  The Ukrainians may think that American 'advisors' will turn their hopeless excuse for an army into a success, even though that recipe has never worked for anyone, ever.  Or Nudelman may have just issued an order for a suicide mission.

The Clinton-Trump conspiracy:  comment by MrK to a spectacular piece by R.L. Stephens II:
"Dear R.L. Stephens II, excellent article.
Here is some news: Alicia Garza, the founder of #BlackLivesMatter, works for the NDWA.
Here is the Director of the NDWA at the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative America. (And here.
Maybe in today’s professional activist industry, you’re never far from a Clinton or Soros Open Society grant.
This is why I think the Clintons are behind the Bernie Sanders harassment."
The Clinton plan isn't just to beat, say, Jeb, but to permanently destroy the electability of Republicans: "Donald Trump is the harbinger of GOP doom: The devastating history lesson that Republicans are completely ignoring"  The Republican election strategists actually recognized this issue, a 'demographic problem', after Mitt lost.  Racist 'intellectuals' aren't good at math.
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