Monday, August 17, 2015

The Great Shittening

"Russia delivers six Mikoyan MiG-31 fighter jets to Syria: Report"  "US, Germany to withdraw Patriot missiles from Turkey"

Zio-American intelligence agencies, what can Brown do for you?:  "Who is the West's Lead MH17 Investigator?"  There has always been good money in providing phony third-party 'disinterested' support for the political propaganda of The Empire.  Note also the shrillness of attacks by 'journalists' on the Non Empire when it tries its hand at the same sort of thing.

"Leave Kayla Mueller and her family alone"  It is an even better story if you are hip to the fact that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is US government employee of the year.

I suppose that it would be impolite to note that the established and sensible law on sovereign immunity has been completely wrecked in the United States by Jewish lawfare (i.e., the gross misuse of the American court system to build the Zionist Empire across the Middle East). As the US is weakened and destroyed by the moral, political and financial costs of endless Wars For The Jews, I look forward to this loss of sovereign immunity being applied to American assets.  "More Argentine discovery shenanigans"

The Angry Arab has been dumping all over the new Arabic edition of Huffington Post, but I have to say it sounds wildly entertaining.  "Arianna Huffington and the Khanfar connection"  "Huffington Post causes outrage after Arabic edition criticises gay people, atheists and selfies"

"The Emperor’s New Stump" by Jim Goad

"AIPAC: Headed for Defeat (But That’s Not Why It’s Bad for the Jews)"  AIPAC is spending millions not to win on Iran, but to demonstrate how supremely powerful Jews are even in an unwinnable battle.  Citing Buchanan favorably is going to get the everybody-but-especially-Counterpunch-is-an-anti-Semite crowd frothing at the mouth.

The anti-vaxxers are dangerous, rotten, selfish people, but they are reflecting the complete corruption of the drug-testing system which occurred 20 or 30 years ago as part of the social collapse which future historians will refer to as The Great Shittening, the intentional systematic ruination of all that was good in the world for personal gain.  "Registered clinical trials make positive findings vanish"  One could reasonably draw a line in the 80s/early 90s, and assume vaccines and other drugs tested before that time are safe.  We need an independent testing agency to retest all other drugs.

"I dream about it every night': what happens to Americans who film police violence?" People who record police wrongdoing live in mortal fear of police retaliation, the very definition of a 'police state'.  "Two Proposals to Reduce the Murder of American Citizens by Police"

"VIDEO: Man Having Stroke, Police Taser & Pepper Spray Him"  The commentary is useful, but they edit out the best part, the almost-apology at the end (see here at 4:15 on).  This isn't some good old boy redneck racist cop, just a normal American policeman doing his job as he sees fit.

"Terror Rabbis and the Triumph of the Judean Will" Note how typically 'lite' this is, downplaying the fact that Israel in its very essence, and from its very beginning, is a Kahanist state, even before Kahane was born.

Tweet (Julie):
"Have you seen the video of Canadian PM Stephen Harper serenading Netanyahu? @urihoresh @DaraDeBrun "

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