Thursday, August 06, 2015

The guy or the country?

Traditional Enemies Of Peace news.  "Dems rally behind Iran deal, with one notable exception"  I wonder if Steve is paid in cash or chips, or is he in it just for the love of 'his people'.  As usual, there is a much larger fall-out to the machinations of the Traditional Enemies Of Peace:  "Yes, Long Island DINO Steve Israel Is Still Dooming DCCC Recruitment Efforts"  Note how Israel - I might mean the guy, I might mean the country - is still tanking the Democrats to allow Sheldon Republicans to win.

The wild Kagan warmongering from my link from yesterday has made Mondoweiss:  "The day after 9/11, Kagan father-son duo said ‘take the war’ to Palestine"  The sheer chutzpah of the Traditional Enemies Of Peace in the fine art of gentile manipulation is simply awe-inspiring.  Wars For The Jews, amirite?

"Defeating the Terrorist Organization Known as Gawker"   And yes, this is the Charles C. Johnson with whom Gawker is feuding:  "What Is Chuck Johnson, and Why? The Web’s Worst Journalist, Explained"

Racists Getting Fired

"Former Barrister Claims Ted Heath Was A Prolific Child Killer"  "The Ickean dreamwork"  It must be rough to realize that Icke's analysis is stronger and more useful than your own.

"David Irving’s Speech in London July 24" by Michael Hoffman:
"77-year-old British historian David Irving gave a speech July 24 in London to an audience of 120 at the four-star Rembrandt hotel. His subject was the perfidy of Winston Churchill and a correction of received opinion concerning the standard account of the Nazi bombing of Britain, Rotterdam and Guernica. I have had the privilege of being acquainted with Mr. Irving since 1985 and have heard him speak many times. His London talk last month is among his best. He was more relaxed and his mischievous sense of humor was spontaneous and refreshing in light of what he has endured (more than a year in prison in Austria for a speech much like the one he gave July 24; impoverishment, physical assaults and relentless libel in the media).

The meretricious movie industry is doing a film on his famous legal battle with Judaic academic Deborah Lipstadt. She will be portrayed by the beautiful gentile Hollywood movie star Hilary Swank. To say that Lipstadt looks nothing like Swank is the understatement of the year. (This fits a long-standing Hollywood pattern of having Judaic heroines played by non-Judaic actresses). The part of Mr. Irving will be played by Tom Wilkinson.

  In the course of his speech last month Irving commended the RAF crews that flew the bombers over Germany and even advocated honors for the RAF’s Chief Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris. I disagree with Mr. Irving’s admiration for Harris. Nevertheless, he furnished important facts that deflate the historical myth that Churchill was “reluctantly goaded” by Harris into the criminal saturation bombing of German cities. In fact, as Irving shows, this titanic war crime was Churchill’s brainchild. David provided revisionist information on the German bombing of Guernica and Rotterdam and the Allied incineration of Dresden, the German city which was the subject of one of his early bestsellers.

The malicious British press, which makes the Wall Street Journal look like Little Bo Peep’s gazette in comparison, dripping with venom, lied with customary indifference to reality concerning what Irving said. The odious Daily Mail, in a headline in its Sunday edition, stated: “David Irving tells secret rally ‘the RAF are war criminals.” Actually, Irving said precisely the opposite. Moreover, the “rally” was only “secret” (private) out of concern for the need to evade attacks by Communist or Zionist terrorists.

It is gratifying to see Irving is still at it, wittier and feistier than ever, obviously having a ball defying the enemies of truth and still with something important to say. The astoundingly obtuse, Churchill-as-Sage-of Western-Civilization folderol remains a fixture of the American Right in bastions like Hillsdale College.  We may disagree with Irving on any number of historical subjects but when it comes to the Churchill legend, he is the most effective demolition expert living. Though they often contest Irving’s opinions, the sight of the continuing insubordinate truculence of elderly fighters for World War II veritas in addition to Irving, such as Professors Arthur Butz and Robert Faurisson, sustains an incandescence in what would otherwise be darkness. Can we do any less?"
The headline is amazing, a classic of the genre: "The return of the Neo-Nazis: Notorious Holocaust denier David Irving tells secret rally 'the RAF are war criminals'"  Background:  "Swank staff sacked over Chechen gaffe"  Which reminds me:  "Bill Cosby's Enablers: Did William Morris Agents Know the Secrets?"  Note that the current fashionable hagiographic approach to Churchill is based on Jewish propaganda - this virulent anti-Semite is useful as a model for current politicians due to his warmongering and other political shenanigans, all considered to have been 'good for the Jews'.

Tweet (David Sheen):
"After allowing Pride stabber to stab again, Jerusalem cops lose investigation notes & don't bother taking injury pics"
Tweet (David Sheen):
"1 week after Orthodox Jew murders Pride Parader, top Orthodox Jewish teen mag calls for waging "war" on "LGBT terror""
"Head Of Extreme Right-Wing Israeli Anti-Miscegenation Organization Endorses Church Burnings" "Israeli foreign minister: Jesus wanted to alter the ' Jewishness ' of Israel and he was condemned to the most excruciating death"

In selling the Iran deal, Americans seem to have conceded quite a lot (of course, all the concessions match Zionist goals, including the no-fly zones as a precursor to the Yinonization of Syria, so the conceding was really within the State Department):  tweet (Ben Norton):
"Thousands of UAE ground troops essentially just invaded Yemen, but the media is very quiet. "
Tweet (Richard M. Nixon):
"At the moment Mrs. Clinton is like a ballplayer who goes to the plate determined not to strike out, which is the wrong mindset to have."
Or as we say up here, she has a three goal lead going into the third, and her plan is to sit on it.
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