Monday, August 24, 2015


"SAIC Whistlebreakers":
"I work at SAIC and a loose-lipped co-worker was bragging about his "whistlebreaker" project. That was not the real name it was just what he called it. It sounded like it had three parts.
One was to flood leak websites with fake submissions with tor targeting websites that use Secure Drop and Global Leaks. It was not clear if he meant flood with false leaks or denial of service. I did not ask any questions I just let him talk.
The second part was using bots to hog bandwidth from leak websites to drive their costs "sky high" and to deny that bandwidth to legitimate users.
The third part was triggering bans on proxies VPNs and tor exit nodes, making as many file requests as possible so that users will not be able to use them to safely access websites. It involved using or circumventing the .htaccess file I am not sure which.
"The goal is to divert bandwidth strangle traffic and get them to block their own users.""
The IMF can't help Greece, but it has oodles of money for these thieving clown Nazis: ""Carrying water in a sieve": European loan vanishes without trace in Kiev"

There are conspiracy theories on the real reason for the Ashley Madison breach, which actually doesn't make a whole lot of sense, with the stated reasons even more incoherent and oddly moralistic:
"Really, any strong pro-surveillance arm of the military-copyright-industrial complex is a valid conspiracy theory. Want Washington bigwigs to come down hard on internet anonymity? Show them what would happen if they did nothing - if their illicit deeds were made public.
'Cuz a betting individual could make a lot of money wagering how many senators and representatives and powerful lobbyists have an Ashley Madison account."

The counter-argument is that blackmail information is more useful if applied quietly.

"The Douma Market Attack: a Fabricated Pretext for Intervention?"  You can see why World Jewry needs to shut down Counterpunch.

"Aging Extremist Laments Violence Now Used Against Palestinians"  Bizarre, even by the standards of the NYT.  An attempt to humanize those violent religious nuts who claim to draw the line on burning babies alive.

"Misleading AP tales can't damage 'Teflon Iran'" Even by the lying standards of the Jew-controlled media, AP has always been awful.

"Stephen Harper’s compelling (and entirely fabricated) election mythology"  "MP paid big price for speaking out in Harper's Ottawa"

There's no party like a Jelly Belly party:  "California man run over by WWII-era tank"
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