Friday, August 07, 2015

Yellow stars

"Sen. Schumer Opposes Iran Deal, Disqualifying Him From Any Leadership Position"

Tweet (Troy):
"UK Times Editor Apologizes for Holocaust VIP Pedophiles Tweet "
Laying it on thick: "Lord Janner ordered to attend court on child abuse charges despite dementia"

"Judge clears way for Steven Salaita lawsuit over Gaza-tweets firing":
"A federal judge in Chicago today ruled that Steven Salaita’s lawsuit against the University of Illinois for firing him over tweets critical of Israel can go forward.
Meanwhile, in another major development almost certainly related to the case, Chancellor Phyllis Wise, the top administrator at the university’s Urbana-Champaign campus (UIUC) where Salaita was due to teach, resigned.
No specific reason was given for the surprise announcement, but in a statement Wise acknowledged that “external issues have arisen over the past year that have distracted us from the important tasks at hand.”
“I have concluded that these issues are diverting much needed energy and attention from our goals,” Wise added. “I therefore believe the time is right for me to step aside.”"
Shekelitis is a chronic disease common to 'journalists', politicians, washed-up rock stars and novelists, and university administrators.  Their pockets become so full of shekels that the weight of them makes any activity other than following 'donor' memos to the letter impossible (speaking of which, I wonder if her dog has coughed up that famous missing 'donor' memo yet).  Doctors have two ways of diagnosis, listening for the jingling of shekels when the patient walks around in the dark, or drawing a blank stare when asking the patient about the concept of Palestinian human rights.

Tweet (The chosen 1):
"Israel and Saudi Arabia are smack bang in the middle of volatile war zones but yet never ever get attacked by ISIS???"
"Hillary Clinton Sent Unsecured Emails Revealing Location Of Ambassador Chris Stevens and NATO Fighter Jets, Reveals Judge Napolitano"  "FBI investigation of Hillary’s emails is ‘criminal probe’"  The Democrats are prepping Biden as an emergency replacement should their 'journalists' not be able to contain the Clinton criminality.

"Is Trump The Democrat 'Wolf' In GOP Clothing?"

"Israel's record in handling Jewish terrorists" 2.5%.

"The Gargoyle – Tories stand to benefit from poll boost on Thanksgiving Sunday" As crazy as it sounds, this makes perfect sense.

"14 Years Ago, a Woman Vindicated Me Now" Amazing story, even by the standards of modern mainstream 'journalism'.

"Fukushima’s Radioactive Baby Milk Formula"  Given the absolutely enormous amount of radiation sloshing around Japan, it it is a miracle that none of it has ended up in any food.
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