Saturday, September 26, 2015

Assad is a winner

"Russia Returns to the Middle East" by Israel Shamir.  Solid.  Note the sympathetic treatment of Turkey.  Once the dust settles, Russia still wants to do the gas deal with Turkey. The Turks thought they has a better bargaining position due to thinking Russia's need to circumvent the stealing Ukrainians left them with no options:  "European energy firms agree to expand Nord Stream pipeline with Gazprom".  Nord Stream 2 was the quiet death of the Zio-American plan to cut off Europe from Russian energy, but while the Europeans will do anything to wreck Europe for Zionism, no energy was a demand too far.

"The Syrian Rift: 10 Major Developments"

"Assad Is a Winner as Russia Is Seen Making New Offer at UN – Kambiz Foroohar/Bloomberg Business"

"U.S.-trained fighters in Syria gave equipment to al-Qaeda affiliate"  We're hearing about all these ridiculous cock-ups because some people in the Pentagon are tired of the US military being abused for Zionist treason.

"Why Does Everybody Sound So Anti-Semitic All of a Sudden? – J J Goldberg/"  Jewish billionaire in-fighting has caused a very slight lifting of the usual protections for Jewish supremacism.
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