Sunday, September 06, 2015

Bogeyman to ally

"Gaddafi's Revenge" Was it a War For The Serbians?  A War For The Peruvians?  A War For The Japanese?  Atzmon:  "Refugees Should Seek Refuge In Synagogues"  I wonder if the average European has put the pieces together yet.  As a famous person once said 'Fuck the EU'.  Part of this is to build up Islamophobia (to encourage more Global War On Terror, and more War For The Jews), and part of it is revenge for 20th century European history.

"The Guardian: “bomb Assad and save the refugees”"  The cure for the predictable and predicted consequences of a War For The Jews is, of course, more Wars For The Jews.  You have to be smart enough to break the cycle.

"'How to sponsor a Syrian?' is Canada's top Google query on refugees"  Note that the comments are mostly hillbilly.  The Conservatives don't even know how to pretend to show empathy, they can't even twist themselves to master fake empathy, a fact on clear display to Canadian voters.  Of course, the symptoms of psychopathy are what core Conservative voters like.

Why do people find it so surprising that families would want to be anywhere other than a refugee camp, by definition a permanently temporary address?

"Canada's response to refugee crises today a stark contrast to past efforts" (of course, it is easier to do it this way than to wait until they have already arrived):
"Mike Molloy was the Canadian government official who oversaw the airlifting of the Vietnamese boat people and removed bureaucratic obstacles. “The motto out there was not ‘do the thing right,’ it was ‘do the right thing,’” the 71-year-old, who lives in Ottawa, said in an interview.
The approach was spearheaded at first by Joe Clark’s Progressive Conservative government in 1979.
“The goal was initially to move 50,000 people in 18 months,” Mr. Molloy said. That became 60,000 in two years under Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1980. The government offered to match all private sponsorships, galvanizing the public. It was the formal launch of a system that involved communities in guaranteeing the care, shelter and early costs of refugees. That system has since brought in more than 200,000 refugees.
In the peak month, February, 1980, Canada resettled 6,200 Vietnamese, Mr. Molloy said. Canada flew 181 charter flights during a two-year period, each carrying anywhere from 200 people to more than 400.
“When the government said, ‘Go,’ the civil servants knew we had clear instructions.” Many of the refugees were on remote islands in southeast Asia. Mr. Molloy sent over teams totalling between 20 to 25 people to process the applications. They worked fast and in rough conditions – no bathroom facilities, rats crawling over them as they slept.
“Typically, you had about 12 minutes per case. You had to figure out who they were, and make a guess about whether they were capable of landing on their feet.” A written explanation of why an applicant was expected to succeed in Canada and a description of the family composition constituted the entire visa, he said. “That’s it. There was no intermediary paperwork.” Only medical papers and a security clearance were needed before final acceptance – usually no more than eight weeks after the interview.
“When the sun went down, they would light oil lamps and they would continue until they couldn’t keep their eyes open,” Mr. Molloy said. A small team at the Anambas Islands off the coast of Malaysia interviewed families amounting to 1,200 people in four and a half days, and when they began to pack their bags, they realized thousands of people had gathered. “The refugees stood up and gave them a standing ovation.”
He said another difference from today is that the Canadians tried to keep extended families together. “If there was an old granny, she’s an asset. Brothers and sisters, bring them along. We know from experience that when refugees arrive, if their family is intact, they have a better chance of establishing more efficiently.”
Mr. Molloy said he had “fantastic” assignments in a career that included being ambassador to Jordan, but the highlight was the Vietnamese-refugee project. “We never lose with refugees. Refugees arrive with no place to go but up.”"

"Analysis: why police continue to investigate claims by 'Nick'"  It is funny that the victim-loving conservatives make an exception for the child victims of important politicians.

"Today on Twitter: The US Ambassador and the fascists"  Considering the sheer volume of anti-Nazi propaganda that has been created over the years, the instant turn-around to official American government support for neo-Nazis - under the usual malign influence of the Jews no less - is simply staggering.  Of course, the more recent example is the sudden change in American government attitudes to al Qaeda.  Once some group outlives its usefulness as a bogeyman, it immediately becomes an ally.
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