Monday, September 21, 2015

Dead pig

"German mayor blames Israel for Syrian refugee crisis"  Duh!  A lot of big problems can be fixed only after you identify the real culprit.

"Jewish Mag May Dump Coulter Column Over Tweets":
"“She could have been drunk, she could have been high, I don't know, I have to give her the benefit of the doubt…but I don't have to delude myself,” Binyamin Jolkovsky, who has served as the publication’s editor-in-chief for nearly 18 years, told The Daily Beast. “Pandering to Jewish money is about as anti-Semitic a stereotype as you could put forth. Her ‘eff-ing Jews’ comment is not identifying Israel—it’s identifying Jews, plural, and all Jews. There is no excuse for that. You can't just wiggle out of something that vile and hateful.”"
"Ann Coulter’s Faux Pas: Calling Attention to Jewish Influence" by Kevin MacDonald.   A curious phenomenon is that white nationalists, fearful that the Jews will declare her unclean and ban her permanently from the media, are redefining her tweets to make them seem less dangerous.  The problem is not so much what she said, but that she 'went there', opened a door that is meant to be permanently closed, saying something obvious to everybody but impossible to say due to fear.

"Hirsh vs. Corbyn" by Gilad Atzmon.  These are educational times on multiple fronts.  After a long dark time when people made choices based on being fooled about the nature of their true enemies, leading to horrible wars, loss of all personal freedoms, austerity directly caused by the cost of the horrible and unnecessary wars, and the complete destruction of the protections of international law (note that there is one country in the world that doesn't have to take refugees, and it is a hate crime to even suggest it!), there is actually room for optimism as we see the start of a 180 degree shift.

"Crown Prince Hamdan’s Disgraced Older Brother"  "DUBAI DESIGNATES CROWN PRINCE AND DEPUTY RULER". (Note, I think I had the dead prince as poet wrong yesterday).  Assassination to remove a problem has to be in the possible conspiracy mix.

These princes with too much money and time are a constant problem:  "Owner of speeding Ferrari in Beverly Hills is drag-racing Qatar prince"  "Qatari sheik sought in L.A. streetrace may be in Vancouver"

"The push for “humanitarian invasion” continues"  The 'humanitarians' are going too far.  Fixing the problem by doing more of what caused the problem is obvious nonsense to everybody, and hiding the real Zionist motives behind this evil is impossible.

"Flashback to 2011: Libya’s “Liberators” Sarkozy, Cameron and Erdogan congratulate NATO" How many massively horrible mistakes do these pig fuckers get to make?

From 2015:  "Pentagon report predicted West’s support for Islamist rebels would create ISIS"

"How To End The Refugee Flood" by Eric Margolis:
"How to stop today’s flood of political refugees?  Halt the western-led war against Syria.  Today.  Cease arming and funding the anti-Assad jihadis.  The United States, France, Britain and the Saudis can quickly end the Syrian bloodbath by cutting off arms and money.
Europe – particularly Germany – could use the mainly middle-class Syrian refugees now pouring in.   But Europe does not need – and should not accept – economic refugees from black Africa looking for a better life.  They must be turned away and sent home, as difficult as that will be to do.
As we listen to all the hypocritical moralizing in the West over refugees, just remember the warnings of Chirac and DeVillepin.  There are now 3.1 million displaced people in Iraq as a result of the US invasion.  Add two million refugees in Afghanistan caused by the Soviet, then US invasions.  Add Somalia and Libya.  All the result of western military misadventures."

"RECIPE FOR DISASTER: How supporting Syrian rebels put US foreign policy into disarray: Part 2: Regional proxies and a covert CIA programme" by Patrick Bahzad.  Americans have been Zionist stooges for some time now, but have always managed to come up with some explanation to attempt to base American actions and policy on American national interest.  The explanations were bogus, but at least they existed.  With Syria and ISIS, it is impossible to miss the 100% contradiction between the ideology of the Global War On Terror and the American position.

"Clock Ticks On US Syria Strategy As Assad Pounds ISIS Targets, Russia Sends Fighter Jets"

"The US and Russia will be allied against the jihadis"

"Putin: Friend or Foe in Syria?"  "Russia is not the enemy – Stephen Kinzer/The Boston Globe"  "Obama’s Fateful Syrian Choice"
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