Sunday, September 20, 2015

Death of a poet


Typical reporting:  "Dubai ruler's son Sheikh Rashid dies at 33".  Heart attack, no details.

There was an early attempt to describe the death as occurring in the middle of special ops in Yemen!  Dubai is involved in the illegal American-Saudi attack on the people of Yemen, and the dead prince's father is the defense minister of Dubai.  Wayne Madsen puts the father in the circle of Neil Bush (Valeri Belokon is, yes, a Jewish billionaire, and yes, it was the 'good' part of the bin Laden family running that collapsed crane that was working on the huge Saudi project to completely de-Islamicise Mecca).
Comment by Sarah to a mainstream report in Dawn (other comments here and elsewhere are skeptical of a 33-year-old heart attack victim):
"@hyat For heaven's sake don't throw up another conspiracy declaring his death 'a battle of crown', and his death is not mysterious by any chance. He was living in London after he was stripped off from his official duties in the Dubai. Yes, he was undergoing rehabilitation in the UK in 2007 but he had recovered in a years' time. It was just unfortunate for him to have died from a heart attack so people like you could create hype and news further. Whatever problems he has had with his family and himself are his PRIVATE MATTERS, NOT YOURS PLEASE. The man is dead, spare him your controversy."

Part of the 'existential threat' being fought by Putin in Syria is the drug trade run by Islamist terrorists, particularly heroin, which, perhaps ironically, is partly (largely?) run by Kurdish gangsters in Europe.
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