Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hilarious stupidity

"Israeli defense minister says government knows who was behind Duma attack, but won’t prosecute"  The stated reason being that it would reveal their informants, who they are saving so they can fail to prosecute the perpetrators of future fatal arson attacks.

"Israel Rejects Compensation For Burnt Historic Christian Church"

"So What Are the Russians Really Doing in Syria?"  So far, it is a public assertion of support for Assad, important, as the Jew-controlled media is obsessed with telling us that Putin has given up on Assad, and an increase of unknown degree in material support and military advisers.

"The Roots of the Migration Crisis" by Walter Russell Mead.  Hilarious stupidity from a reliable source of hilarious stupidity.  TL;DR?:  the cause isn't the Jews and their American stooges, but some intellectual bullshit!

"Calling Bullshit On the Anti-Refugee Memes Flooding the Internet"  The usual collection of photos from other conflicts, other places, other times.

"Cizre Under Siege: Week Long Curfew Leaves Over 30 Dead"

"Groups push university to adopt creed against anti-Semitism – Julie Watson/CNSNews"  The usual supremacist crap - our particular suffering is uniquely important.

"Sorry For What, Hillary?"  She's running the big risk, belatedly understood, that if she gets far enough behind Bernie in the early going that the Democrat big-wigs decide to run with anther horse, possibly Biden.

"Jean Chrétien says Stephen Harper 'has shamed Canada'"

"Blairite tears are not enough; we need heads on spikes."  The Corbyn win is one of the few recent political events which is unequivocally good.

"Prison Writing"  (Barrett Brown).
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