Saturday, September 05, 2015

Jaws of defeat

Treachery news:  "AIPAC’s Plan B?" and  "Cardin, the Iran Deal, and the Future of Plan B".  Remember how Barry cleverly set up the trade deal?  He arranged things so he 'lost', causing the activists to relax, and then, using procedural malarkey and outright lies, sneaked the thing through.

"Netanyahu seeks to snatch victory from jaws of defeat on Iran deal"

"Sen. Booker ends the myth of bipartisan support for Israel"  Booker is so nakedly power-hungry and unscrupulous that not being able to bribe him is a terrible loss for the Lobby.

It is fair to say that losing the mythology of inevitability in Washington would be a big setback for the Traditional Enemies Of Peace, no matter how much they manage to ruin things in the future.

"Alan Dershowitz On The Iran Nuclear Deal, Hillary Clinton Emails"  For a professor emeritus of Harvard Law School, Dersh sure has a shaky grasp of the American Constitution.  I love how he then shifts to defending Hillary.  To be fair, compared to Dobbs, who comes across as some old geezer you might find ranting behind the railway station, Dersh is a paragon of virtue and sanity.

"NNSA an Iranian Target?"  Israeli propaganda of very low quality.

"Local cops suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an FBI informant, according to Globe columnist"

"The Most Anticipated Showdown in Recent History or a Load of Bullcrap?"  (The Saker)

"Israeli Terrorists, Born in the U.S.A."  True, but misdirection, as it fails to note that these terrorists are just carrying out official Israeli government policies.
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