Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Logical political argument

"All Republican Presidential Candidates Stand For War" by Paul Craig Roberts.  How about "All Presidential Candidates Stand For War"?

"A Confused Situation as to Syria and ISIS" The neocon plan was to set up an ISIS state which could then be used as a base for attacks against Russia and China.  Sounds daft, but it is just an extension of the original plan to use bin Laden and his fighters against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.  That turned out well!

"Turkish-Uyghur Terror Inc. - America's Other Al Qaeda"

Allen's departure to spend more time with his shekels may be the most important positive development of the year.  Note there is some push-back against the vile schemers:
  1. "Gen. Allen is fourth US commander in Afghanistan to be fired or embroiled in controversy" (it is hilarious that the excuse to get Allen out of Afghanistan was ""inappropriate communications" with the second woman involved in the Petraeus case, a Florida socialite", while the excuse to get him out of the ISIS promotion business is his sick wife!!!);
  2. "Gen. John Allen Resigns, Forfeiting Potential NATO Nomination"  "The Real Reason Gen. Allen Resigned Cites Genuine Health Concerns For Wife But Investigation Of His Thousands Of E-Mails To And From General's Groupie Jill Kelley Sealed His Fate - Despite Being "Totally Cleared" By Pentagon Inspector General's Office, Allen Lost Out On Top NATO Job - Obama Gave Him Gentle "Push""
  3. "Obama administration's envoy to anti-Islamic State coalition to resign".

"Heil Rubio: Can This Be For Real?"  Rubio, whose main backer is a Jewish billionaire, is now 'unclean' in the degrees of Kevin Bacon kinda way that passes for logical political argument these days.

"Could Daesh/ ISIS bring Russia and the west together?"  In a sane world it should - common existential threat - but World Jewry will move mountains to ensure that it does not happen.
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