Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Love is the answer

"Ottawa Tractor Protests"  Dairy farmers are aware that Harper, Barry and the other fuckers are trying to secretly TPP them (TPing happens on Halloween, but TPPing happens all year).  Tragically - and why am I not surprised? - all three big Canadian parties are gay for 'free' trade.  Canadians are going to have to develop a taste for hormones.

"General Electric to shift engine plant to Canada, creating 350 jobs"  A contribution to Harper's reelection campaign, for which future favors in return will be expected and given.

Candidate dumping in Canada is getting weird:  "B.C. Liberal candidate quits race over 9-11 Facebook post":
"A media report says Maria Manna said in a Sept. 11, 2013 post that she knows the truth about who’s responsible for the attacks on the United States and that love is the answer."

"Geert Wilders’ Dutch anti-Muslim party forced to reveal US donor"  Supremacism summit (blue-brown):  "Frank Gaffney Interviews Jared Taylor" (frankly, I couldn't be bothered to listen).

"Notes on Syria - 29 September 2015"  "Under Russian Pressure U.S. Accepts "Unified", "Secular" Syrian State"  "Trump Sides With Putin On Syria: "You Should Let Russia Destroy ISIS As Opposed To Saying 'We're Jealous'""  Despite the fact he's all Jewed up, Trump often sounds like the candidate for the mythological Paleocon Party.

Erdoğan and other losers:  "War On Syria; Not Quite According To Plan Part 4: The Undoing Of The Plotters"

Btw, Assad's army has turned things around so quickly, before Russian assistance could possibly have helped, that I have to wonder if Putin isn't just covering for Iran/Hezbollah help.  Of course, Russian involvement provides space:  "What Does Russia’s Power Move in Syria Mean for Turkey?":
"Now, the following question arises: Will Ankara stick to its rules of engagement if airplanes approaching the border have the Russian star on their wings? My guess is that the rules of engagement will not be enforced against Russian aircraft, thus ending the de facto air cover for the rebels."
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