Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mixed messages

"What the British are really laughing about":
"In each case, Thatcher is now thought to have been warned by security services about the deviancy of these men, but is alleged to have studiously ignored it. When it comes to secret-keeping and elite power, it is not out of the question that in knowing they were child abusers, Thatcher would have had political leverage over these allies of hers, and so promoting them would have helped her strengthen her own power while in office."
"Smith-Schock ties attract scrutiny"

"Army plots against British PMs are not new" by Jonathan Cook

"After Al Qaeda Declares War on ISIS, US Unsure Which Terrorists To Back" I think this is satire, but given Barry's incoherent foreign policy, it is hard to tell.

"Why Syria is Russia's Stalingrad"  If American foreign policy is in fact coherent, it is insane.

"Joshua Goldberg Plot Thickens: FBI Won’t Indict Him “Because Maybe He’s Mentally Ill”"  "Anti-Muslim Activists Still Think Ahmed Mohamed May Have Built 'Half A Bomb'"

"The Diary of Ann Coulter" by Jim Goad

"What is Bibi's leverage in Moscow?"

"How The NY Times Hides the Scandal of US-Israeli War Crimes" Bibi's coming to Washington to pick up his check.  It would be good if Barry forced him to pose with one of those giant checks with all the zeros in plain view and handed it to him as if World Jewry had just won a game show.

"Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?"  "Mr. Putin’s Mixed Messages on Syria"  It is true what they say, Jews are the best comedy writers.

Tweet (J. Ali) (also):
"This is the best thing to come out of the Internet today."
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