Monday, September 28, 2015

No-cry zone

"Civil society and human rights organizations call on Canada to lead Syrian no-fly zone"  Neocons!  Wake up!  That barn door is shut, and Putin is riding the horse, bare-chested!  Having said that, I would enjoy watching MiGs shoot Canadian planes out of the Syrian skies.

"To Stem the Flow of Refugees, Stop the Syrian Regime’s Barrel Bombs"  From the reliably hilarious ultra-Zionist, Kenneth Roth.

"Bashar al-Assad is still the problem"  Written, ironically, by Research Fellows at the International Center for the Study of Radicalisation at Kings College London.

"UPDATED: "We know everything" - Putin's interview on American CBS PLUS what was cut from the interview"  "What CBS edited out of Putin's interview: "US is preparing opposition forces to fight Assad, who then flee to ISIS with American weapons" (UPDATED)"

"In "Sweeping" Interview, Putin Calls US Syria Strategy "Illegal", Details Russia's Support For Assad"

"Russia seizes initiative in Syria"  Note how carefully Putin picks his spots, exploiting the real contradictions between American national interest and what the Jewish billionaires force corrupt politicians to do for World Jewry.  He is working on the same contradictions in Europe to eventually break the Nudelman sanctions.  Note that the Nudelman ruination of Ukraine, and the anti-Russian sanctions, were put in place as World Jewry feared exactly what Putin is doing in Syria.

"What will Obama and Putin talk about?"

Bizarro CENTCOM Twitter feed!  Petulant children on the playground, upset at the time-out!

"The Terrible Flight from the Killing"  I'm enjoying how the crisis has backfired on Zionism, motivating Merkel to back Putin's sanity, backing which puts the fear in the Americans of a long overdue European pivot to Russia/China.

"What ‘Axis of Evil’? Iran’s President Makes Nice in New York – Newsweek"  Iran is suddenly the lynch pin in solving Middle Eastern problems, and Israel is, at best, a nuisance.

"EU labeling of West Bank goods is a ‘red line,’ Israel’s top diplomat warns"

"Shell says it will abandon oil exploration in Alaska Arctic"  Shell has concluded the world-wide depression, the real reason for the plunge in oil prices, isn't ending.

"Protests at Ann Coulter Book Signing – And It’s Not Immigrants!"

"“She’s going down”: Star GOP strategist Stuart Stevens on why Hillary Clinton won’t be the Democratic nominee":
"I’m very fond of the 1968 analogy for the Democratic primary. I’m writing this piece for HBO, and it’s set in the early ’60s, so I’m reading a lot about this, so I may be under the influence; but I think that Bernie Sanders is very likely to play the role of Eugene McCarthy, knocking off a de facto incumbent.

I doubt he will be the nominee, but I also doubt that Hillary Clinton will be. I think Hillary Clinton has a superb campaign so far. Technically, her campaign staff — it’s as good as it gets. But we’ve really never seen a campaign like this; it just continues to go down. Most campaigns always stop — like, they’ll go down, they’ll go up, they’ll plateau. She’s just going down. 

Some folks within her campaign — and some of her supporters who aren’t involved, officially — chalk that up in part to media bias. As someone who’s been in the situation of running a campaign and having to grapple with the media and its biases, what’s your gut response when you hear those kinds of complaints?

Give me a break. They say the New York Times [is against her]; a paper that’s endorsed every Democrat since Truman, if not before. It’s an absurdity. What they’re really saying, I think, is that they’re not being treated the same way as Barack Obama was in 2008 — which I think is true. But I don’t think we’ll ever see that again, and I think [the complaint] is sort of like showing up at the Super Bowl and saying, “Someone’s trying to tackle me!” I think it’s a joke."
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