Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Regime change

"The (Mostly) Ignored War on Yemen"  "Not in the US press; not in the Arabic press"

Regime change:  Australia, Corbyn, upcoming in Canada, and even Trump is pseudo-regime-changey.

If the Trump trick was cooked up by Bill and The Donald on a golf course to wreck the Republican Party and give Hillary a free pass to the White House, what happens if Trump does too well, starts to like it, and ends up running against Hillary, whose political judgment seems to be clouded by brain damage and the drugs she is on?

"The BBC's Credibility Crisis is Terminal"  These days, you have to be able to muster at least pseudo-authenticity.

"Israel's Agent of Influence"  Cardin is indubitably a traitor, but this analysis is flawed, as his deal was cooked up with Barry to make Barry's victory on Iran inevitable.  Note the spin from a Zionist house organ (I knew it was all a big trick when Reid came out at the last moment in favor of the deal).  Political theater to increase the pay-off:  "Away From Spotlight, Israel and U.S. Begin post-Iran Deal Security Talks"  AIPAC would have preferred a win, but those millions weren't wasted (particularly when you know that media buys are just movements from one Jewish billionaire pocket to another), and will be multiplied many times in the loot that World Jewry receives from Americans.  The usual traitors will, of course, take the shekels and continue their efforts to annoy Iran.

"Al Aqsa Under Attack: The NY Times Blames Its Youthful Defenders"  The Israelis are in the middle of a big military operation against a place of worship.
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