Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Sordid tales

"US Seeks Occupation as US Fighters Flood Syria"  Brookings is Saban and Saban admits "I'm a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel."  Future historians will note how curious it is that Jews set out their demands in step by step instructions, demands which are in the interests of the Zionist Empire but diametrically opposed to the interests of the West (as most of Europe could tell you right now), but the shabbos goyim follow the instructions like (bribed and blackmailed) robots.

"Visas for Al-Qaeda, Part 1: A Sordid Tale"  Part 1 of 3.

"Tempers Flare on the Bullshit Express"  "'Wrong Then, Wrong Now': White House Video Rips Cheney For Iran Deal Criticism"  Barry's Cheney video is quite good, like shooting fish in a barrel, but notable as those easy to shoot fish are never shot in Washington.

"Amid Defeat, Fighting Iran Deal Was Righteous Jewish Resistance at Its Best – Rabbi Shmuley Boteac/Observer"

"Islam’s Conquest of Europe — Patrick Buchanan" It doesn't take much for 'anti-Semites', baited by the simple joys of racism, to be revealed as ultra-Zionists.  The ability of Zionists to drag 'conservatives' around by the nose partly explains the great success of Zionism.

"Why Murdoch Pushes for War"  There is a consistent pattern of Zionists combining personal financial interests with Zionist ideology.

"Haaretz’s Or Kashti on the rightwing religious takeover of the Ministry of Education"  Another example of how seemingly random or inexplicable changes in general attitudes (e.g., the general shift in Israeli opinion to the ultra-ultra racist right) are meticulously planned over the course of generations.

"As Third Victim Dies, Arsonists Get a Pass in Israel (and in The NY Times)"  Sadly, you can't embarrass the NYT into doing its job.

"Dark Waters: Hurricane Katrina, the Politics of Disposability and the Racism of Malcolm Gladwell"  Glibertarianism, which is supposed to be rational, dispassionate, and scientific, is actually quite racist.  Gladwell is another example of a writer celebrated, not because he is any good, but because he reinforces the prejudices of the 1%.
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