Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Super predator

For those who thought he wasn't all Jewed-up like the rest of the crooked scoundrels:  "Trump Rallies Muslim Haters Against the Iran Deal"

"In Bed With Prison Lobby, Hillary Clinton Unlikely to End War on Drugs" Tweet (Adam Johnson):
"That one time in 1996 Hillary Clinton evoked racist "super predator" panic to push harsher drug laws." 
Tweet (JeremyCorbyn4Leader):
"Chris Williams, former MP for Derby North, hits the proverbial nail on the head."
"Greece confirms US asked to close airspace to Syria-bound Russian aid flights"

"Engineered Refugee Crisis to Justify "Safe Havens" in Syria"  Variations of this are the current popular conspiracy theory.  The idea proposed to Europeans and Americans is that you can only solve the refugee problem by creating more refugees and removing the only sane functioning government in Syria.  Do they think people are that stupid?

"Migrant crisis: More troubles in Hungary as Austria, Germany near tipping point" Germany is actually in fairly desperate need of mass immigration, a fact reflected in German government conduct (most European countries are not in Germany's position as the alpha domineer/exploiter of the EU).  Of course, professional Islamophobes are having a field day.

CIA cloak and dagger:  "290 foreign agents exposed in Russia in 2014 - television"

"Palestinians in Duma are angry that no one has been charged for murders, after 38 days"  It is simply hilarious what the Jews can get away with.

"State Department Funds BDS Movement – Susan L.M. Goldberg/PJ Tatler"  Just watch them get this reversed while maintaining the system whereby the illegal settlements are funded by the American tax system!

"Tories drop two candidates after videos show one peeing in cup, the other making prank calls" #peegate
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