Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The hole to prove it

"Bangkok Bombing Investigation Becomes Even Murkier"  Grey Wolves using Uighurs like Israel uses MEK.

"Norwegian bank issues anti-Semitic credit card, says sorry"  How do you suppose they found out about this and got a photo of it unless they did it themselves as part of the usual program.

"The Dirty-Dirty Narrative War and the Smear Attacks on Palestine Activists"  Textbook hasbara.

"Schumer’s Troubling Mideast Record"

"Why rich political donors are wasting a lot of money – Rick Newman/YahooFinance"  Something missed here.  All these one-issue guys own almost all the media outlets (there is a reason it is known as the Jew-controlled media).  Almost all the hundreds of millions of dollars in donations goes to media buys.  The Jewish billionaires just take money out of one pocket and get it back in another.  This massive political manipulation of the United States in favor of Wars For The Jews is essentially free to them.

"Ex Schröder Aide on 9/11: 'We Thought the Americans Would Overreact'":
"You know, during my time in Bosnia in the 1990s, I worked very closely and very successfully together with Richard Holbrooke, who was President Bill Clinton's special envoy to the Balkans. He was a diplomat, but he was one of the most direct people I know. Back then, he held a round of talks with Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic in an Air Force museum where a cruise missile was on display, just to make clear to Milosevic what could be in store for him if he refused to back down. I was never a fan of Talleyrandian diplomacy, which conceals its true motives and spreads an aura of secrecy. I don't think it works."
The hole to prove it: "Serbia's revenge". Links no longer work but you can see pictures of the kind of hole made by 'sea-launched cruise missiles' here. A neat small roundish hole punched through the facade, with relatively little damage adjacent.  Just like the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.  The attack blamed on al Qaeda.

"Confirmed: US to "Use" Al Qaeda to Take Syria"  "Petraeus' Trial Ballon - "Let's Work With Al-Qaeda""  Just think of all the Wars For The Jews fought, being fought, and to be fought, all on the phony basis that al Qaeda is the existential threat to the United States (al Qaeda is already being used in the Saudi-American attack on Yemen).  It was all bullshit.

"The Israeli Jew suspected of trying to join the Islamic State – Adam Taylor/Washington Post":
"The man has not been named, and it is not clear whether he will face charges. Sources in the Israeli Foreign Ministry have told reporters that they are treating the matter as a humanitarian rather than a security issue. Despite his age, the man was still under his parents’ legal guardianship, and Israeli authorities have not provided more details about the case due to what Haaretz describes as its “sensitive nature.”"

"Kissinger on Ukraine (by CP)"  Significant lying to cover up for fellow traveler Nudelman.  Remember how Kissinger managed to do everything to facilitate Israel obtaining nukes while leaving the impression he was against it?  How come the so-called 'dual loyalty' comes up every single fucking time?

It is difficult not to notice the centrality of Petraeus in recent deep American politics:  "Emails show Hillary's political sleuthing"  Despite the fact they eventually had him put down, he keeps popping back up.

Faint signs, very faint, of non-treasonous activity in the American government:  "Russian Expeditionary Force in Syria?"

"dealing with Netanyahu"  Jewish adviser tells you that Netanyahu is a nut, and the only way to deal with a nut is to give him absolutely everything his asks for, and more.
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