Friday, September 25, 2015

Vela Incident

NDP candidate unfamiliar with all the fine details of ancient history.  Phallic?!

NDP candidate forced to resign after insulting the Taliban.

"Conservative candidate claims Muslim ‘agenda’ in refugee crisis: Tim Harper"

The NDP's e-x-t-r-e-m-e right-wing policies are starting to cost them in the polls. Is it too late to replace Mulcair?  The Canadian election could well turn into another example of a terrible political choice against self-interest based solely on how much people enjoy being haters.

"Paul-Éric Blanrue and the Jews: From Celebration to Censorship":
"The book ended up having to be released by an obscure publisher outside of France – Belgium’s Oser Dire – and then faced difficulties even to find a distributor to enter French bookstores, requiring four months to do so. In June 2009, Blanrue hosted a press conference in Paris to promote the book. The event attracted a room-full of attendees, but only two journalists: an independent Englishwoman and Marc de Miramon of the Communist L’Humanité. Shortly after the Parisian bookstore Résistances, which had placed Sarkozy in the window display, was ransacked by thugs from the Jewish Defense League – an extremist ethnic militia banned in Israel and the United States, but which enjoys free rein in France – its computers and books destroyed, the latter by drenching them in oil. Again, there was virtually no media coverage of this equivalent of book-burning."

"Reykjavík wasn’t ready for “brutal” Zionist backlash, says Israel boycott author" Moral and decent people have to be prepared for the usual thuggery.

"Reports: Chinese ships head to Syria"  We need to return to the spirit of the Spanish Revolution, with moral and decent people from all over the world fighting the forces of Evil.

"Iran's Parchin nuclear myth begins to unravel"  The warmongering lies spread by one unnamed country - take a wild guess! - are falling apart.

"Why Israelis can burn Palestinians alive and get away with it"

"Exclusive: Serial Podcast Eyes Bowe Bergdahl for Upcoming Season"

"Remembering the Mysterious "Vela Incident" 36 Years Later":
"Over the years, the prime suspect for the Vela Incident has been a joint South African-Israeli nuclear test."
"Jimmy Savile: BBC fears inquiry indictment over abuse failure"  "Russell Brand exposes UK’s pedophile politicians"  Another example of everybody knowing something against the government's increasingly bizarre and desperate attempts at cover-up.  Of course, the deep reason for the desperation is to protect those covering up, including the BBC, and to maintain the blackmail system (never forgetting that a large reason for the blackmail is to encourage Zionism).

"Book Proposal Says Bill Cosby Had His Son Killed By Hitman"
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