Wednesday, October 07, 2015


"Franklin Graham: Russian air strikes help save Syrian Christians from a massacre by the Islamists"  An extremely odd source for such an obvious truth.  Christian Zionists - closer to devil worshipers than true Christians - have always supported the building of the Zionist Empire on the corpses of Middle Eastern Christians.  "The Heresy of Christian Zionism: Israel, Christianity, & Genesis 12.2-3"

"They Accept Us as We Are;’ Christians Join Forces With Muslim Group Hezbollah to Fight ISIS in Lebanon – MintPress"

Pulse is still sulking:  "Uncomfortable Facts"  Btw, despite repeated Israeli entreaties, including a Bibi visit to Moscow, there is no evidence that Putin has made any deal with the Israelis, and the message to World Jewry is 'stay out of my way!'

"Transcript: Frank Gaffney Interviews Jared Taylor"

"American “allies” in Syria: their shameful performance is perfectly explainable"  The problems with CIA 'training'.

"The Hope Behind Putin’s Syria Help by — Ray McGovern/"  Neocon hangover.

"How Iranian general plotted out Syrian assault in Moscow"  Smells like Rothschild propaganda.  How would they know about Soleimani's travels?

Cole at peak CIA:  "No, Donald Trump, Mideast wouldn’t be more Stable under Saddam & other Dictators"

"Atlanta Event Blames Zionism for Everything – Michael Jacobs/Atlanta Jewish Times"  Just off the top of my head I would add to the list the complete destruction of international law, the decimation of privacy and personal security (in fighting the GWOT), a marked increase in hatred around the world, the failure to eliminate nukes (due to the necessity of Jews retaining their nukes), a collapse of social welfare programs and infrastructure due to the loss of funds caused by the enormous cost of Wars For The Jews (not to mention the global warming which is a direct result of the massive hydrocarbon expenditures in these wars), and a general hardening and coarsening of the planet.  Just off the top of my head. . .

"Team Obama is throwing Israel to the diplomatic wolves":
"And then came the most awkward moment of Bibi’s speech. When he declared the US-Israel alliance “unshakable,” a UN camera showed the US table, which, like that of Netanyahu-averse countries, was manned only, yet ostentatiously, by lower-level officials.
Top Cabinet members Kerry and UN Ambassador Samantha Power were at Turtle Bay that day, but when Bibi spoke, only a Power lieutenant, David Pressman, Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro and semi-retired diplomat Richard Erdman were listening.
Kerry and Power, a State Department official tells me, were summoned to a video conference with Obama. Perhaps so. But the optics of an Israeli leader praising an alliance with a country that sends only lower-level diplomats to hear him was astounding."

"Trump Loses “Right Wing” Jewish Lobby with Latest Comments on Iraq and Syria"  We have to be careful in drawing conclusions in a stunt campaign.

"Sanders Staffer Tells Pro-Palestine Activists: Put Your Sign Away Or Leave"  "Dissent On Israel Not Permitted At Bernie Sanders Event"  "Citing 'overreaction', Sanders apologizes to Palestinian activists"

All in on the hate campaign:  "Niqab ban for public servants would be considered: Stephen Harper"

To distract from the embarrassing loss of status in the one-two of the Iran deal and Russia's decision to operate in Syria without concern for Bibi's protests, the settler movement and its government are on a particularly violent rampage.  "Palestinian dying in "clashes""  "UN's Ban condemns killings of Palestinians"

"NY Times Botches Reporting on Israeli Police Execution"  'Botches' isn't quite the right word.

"A Useful Prep-Sheet on Syria for Media Propagandists"

"The Radically Changing Story of the U.S. Airstrike on Afghan Hospital: From Mistake to Justification"  "Doctors Without Borders airstrike: US alters story for fourth time in four days"

"Saudi King Hospitalized for Dementia"  He just saw Barry last month.  "The Russians, the Shia, et al against the Saudi sponsored jihadis"

"Emails show Qaddafi son offered talks – but Clinton ordered top general to 'not take the call,' source says":
"While the offer to engage directly with the U.S. government, and its apparent rejection, were first reported by the late journalist Michael Hastings for Rolling Stone in October 2011, the new emails document that the offer was real – and show it was known at senior levels of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who advise the president. The Washington Times in January 2015 reported a five-part series called "Hillary's war" that concluded the Pentagon did not trust Clinton's strategy on Libya. The series included taped conversations between then-Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a critic of the war, and Saif Qaddafi sometime later in May 2011."

"The Stealth Menace"  The people who don't want to be shot don't protest constantly being shot out of a legitimate fear of being shot.  The American government doesn't have a monopoly on the political use of violence within its territory, which places its legitimacy as a government in doubt.

"Yes, There is an Imperialist Ruling Class"
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