Saturday, October 31, 2015

'Circle Of Activists'

"Columnist Melanie Phillips defends Netanyahu’s lie about the Holocaust"  "Netanyahu Retracts Assertion That Palestinian Inspired Holocaust – Jodi Rudoren/The New York Times"  Bibi's unambiguous revisionism was making a mockery of persecution of 'revisionists' and other free-thinkers/truth-seekers, and potentially cutting into the paychecks from the Jewish supremacist industry of Holocaust milking.

"US Invasion of Syria Begins"  Note this is express Sabanism, Barry following orders.  "Obama’s “Limited” Intervention Keeps Expanding"

"A Parallel Crescent to Stop Iran in Its Tracks – Alon Ben-Meir/HuffPo"  Weird, as it advocates the future creation of an alliance that already exists, with a Palestinian rump state added as the cherry on top.

"S&P Downgrades Saudi Arabia On Slumping Crude, Ballooning Fiscal Deficit"  As we've seen many times, credit rating agencies are simply a tool of the US government, so this is close to an American act of war against the Saudi princes, and clearly a prod to get them in line.

"George Soros Accused Of Stoking Europe's Refugee Crisis By Hungarian PM"  Of course, everybody knows the refugee crisis was caused 100% by the Wars For The Jews, so George's habit of giving advise - see also his kindly suggestion for Europe to pour billions into the hole that is Ukraine after it received the Nudelman-Kagan treatment - isn't going to go over well.  "Europe’s Muslim Immivasion: Hungary’s PM Blames George Soros’s “Circle Of Activists”"  'Circle Of Activists' is what we're calling them now!

"Protecting Israel, Trashing Hebron: More Spin from The NY Times"

"MKs propose bill to allow Jewish prayer on Temple Mount" "Extremist group offers Jews $500 to pray on Temple Mount" Glad to see they are moving to calm things down!

"Russia's Entry into Syria Worsens Killings of Medical Workers on War's Front Lines"  Democracy Now can lie with the best of them.

"White House, Media Silent One Year After Murder of US Reporter Who Exposed Western Links to ISIS"

"Fighting a Cultural Boycott of Israel"  Zionists and the bribed don't require much analysis.

"Despite US Pressure, European Parliament Clears Path For Snowden Asylum"

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