Friday, October 23, 2015

Crepes or pulled tongue

The rehab of Hitler into a genius internet commentator continues:  "Hitler Finds Out That Bibi Thinks the Grand Mufti Convinced Hitler to Kill Jews" and "Hitler on Syria (HILARIOUS – MUST SEE!!)"

Chutzpah:  "Cut the Cycle-of-Violence Crap" and "College Legally Prohibited From Changing Name to Appease Billionaire Philanthropists Won't Receive Critical Donation" and "‘Harry Potter’ Author J.K. Rowling, Others Write U.K. Open Letter In Support Of Israel – Anita Busch, Anthony D’Alessandro/"

"“Most Jewish Ever” 2016 US Election"  Tweet (Mostyn Coombes):
"Zionist Paedophile network is running the UK? What will David Cameron do about it? Nothing?  #CSAinquiry"

"Welcome To The Circus — Hillary And The Benghazi Committee"  The deep political issue, which keeps oozing out in various ways, is that the United States has long been closely allied with 'al Qaeda', the fighting of which is also the backbone of the Wars For The Jews.

"Secrecy and Hillary Clinton"  They abuse the classification system as a weapon to police political dissent (of course, people like Brennan and Clinton are immune).

"The Navy's Sitting Ducks"  Expensive metaphor for the end of empire.

"Holding Justin Trudeau accountable: Tracking 5 election promises"  Liberal mischief is more likely to come in the areas where he didn't make promises (e.g., TPP).

"Fact Check: MSNBC’s Palestinian loss of land map"  I was shocked MSNBC ran with such truth, but not shocked when they turtled under attack from the hasbaraites.  Note also the blood pouring from the fangs at Democratic Underground:  "Fact Check: MSNBC’s Palestinian loss of land map"
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