Monday, October 26, 2015


"Outlawing Israel boycott in Europe revealed as key AIPAC goal"

"CCTV shows Jacky Sutton's final moments in Turkish airport carrying shopping bag before unexplained death"  "Turkish cop says ex-BBC journalist Jacky Sutton's death in airport toilet is 'suspicious'"  "ANU academic Jacky Sutton 'was not murdered': family"  "Jacky Sutton, the former BBC journalist found dead in Istanbul airport: who was she and what really happened?"

"Germany probes suspected new case of US spying: report"

"Einsteinian Insanity: US, Saudi Arabia Pledge To Provide More Guns, Ammo To Syrian Proxy Armies"

"How to bungle an investigation into settler violence"  "The Lost Cause of Israeli Justice"

"Official: US Cutting Aid to PA"

"Countering Russia’s Geopolitical Masterstroke: Washington Wants to Strengthen the Syrian Rebels by Bombing Hezbollah"  Saban.

"Lockheed Martin, Boeing Rally Around Saudi Arabia, Wave Off Humanitarian Concerns"

"‘I think it was Russian!’ – Media Pushing Baseless Claim That ‘Putin is Bombing Civilians’ in Syria"

"Random Has Given Us Another New Couple"
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