Friday, October 16, 2015


Note the obvious stupidity of Yinon-less analysis:  "Russian And American Interests In Syria"  "What Are U.S. Interests in Syria?"  It is the Special Olympics of geopolitical analysis!  You leave your brain at the door if you try to do any of this without reference to Zionism.

"Multipolarism Solves Syria at the Source"  You can't talk about Brookings without talking about 'one-issue guy' Saban.

"The Fog of Intelligence"  One of the defining symptoms of a conspiracy is the inexplicable stupidity/incompetence of one of the parties.  The comment by Ronald Thomas West is much smarter.

The daily 'Sociopath Media report' is worth reading.

"Moscow doubles down on Washington"  At least the threat of apocalyptic Russian economic warfare.

"Scottish Prosecutors Say They Have Identified Two New Suspects in Lockerbie Bombing"  Post-Gaddafi, and post-Libya, I fail to see the need for more Libyan patsies to cover up for a CIA operation, unless the CIA is feeling nervous about being exposed.

"The enablers of Israeli terrorism"  These kind of apologetics turn up in all cases of violent racist surpemacism.

"State Department forced to retract statement suggesting Israel incites violence"

"Doug Ford calls Justin Trudeau a hypocrite for criticizing Rob Ford’s drug problems"  The Conservatives have kept their distance from Rob Ford (parody Tweet) but have now entered peak desperation phase. A Liberal minority government is most probable, but there is anecdotal evidence, looking at individual riding more carefully, that the Liberals are doing much better than the polls show.  Pollsters know that telephone polling skews to the old and senile (senile is the Conservative 'base'), but continue to rely on it anyway, and one has to conclude it is intentional pro-Conservative deception.

"An Open Letter from an Israeli to her Muslim Uber Driver"  Is this a parody?
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