Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Fun facts

The Russians are trying an interesting experiment - what if someone actually fought the Global War On Terror, actually attempted to stop terrorism, instead of just using the GWOT as a dirty trick to help build the Zionist Empire?:  "If They Are Bombed - They Are Daesh" by Israel Shamir". The comments are highly critical of some of the details.

"Sisi, Putin call for anti-terror Mideast coalition – Al Arayabiay"  Describing the terrorists as 'Muslim Brotherhood' gets Sisi on board.  Comment (Taxi):
"Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Hezbollah, Kurds and now Egypt are all in alliance against ISIS.

Around here in the Levant they’re calling them the 6+ 1.

Last week before Egypt joined, they were calling them the 5+ 1."

Comment (Walid):
"“On Tuesday, King Abdullah of Jordan told Putin that Moscow had a vital role to play bringing together rival sides in Syria to seek a solution to the ongoing war.” (al Arabiyah)

He was the first Arab leader to give the thumbs down to Assad and ask for his removal 4 years ago when the war was still at the minor skirmishes stage. Most of the fighters he now wants stopped were trained in Jordan or Turkey."
"Carly Fiorina's No-Fly Zone Proposal Now Viewed as Impossible; Good News, Bad News"

"Russian bombers and ISIS are a match made in heaven"  Waiting for the Iran deal gave the Russians time for meticulous target selection.

"Five Leaders Challenging Western Imperialism Through Diplomacy, Persuasion and Public Pressure" by James Petras

"Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Arab agenda"  Another excellent reason to vote Corbyn is that the Saudi princes don't like him!

Tweet (Stephen Lautens):
"In case you missed it, Jason Kenney has deleted his "speaks perfect, unaccented English" tweet. #elxn42 #cdnpoli"
The Conservatives get immigrant votes as they claim they share 'family values', and rarely hint at what they really feel about those who aren't 'Old Stock Canadians' (Canadian code word for 'white').  I hope and pray that Kenney is the next Conservative leader, as he is completely unelectable.

"Harper government partnered with industry group fighting CRA over KPMG case":
"The Harper government forged a partnership with a major Canadian accounting association, formalizing it as an adviser to the Canada Revenue Agency, at the same time as the group was fighting the CRA in court to shield the files of multimillionaires who had stashed money offshore."
Harper favoring the 0.1% over his own tax collectors is hardly even news.

Blood pours from Mulcair's Zionist fangs:  "U.S. comic Sarah Silverman endorses Canadian NDP candidate"  The polls are saying the NDP is in electoral free-fall.

"Rand Paul and the Fizzling of America’s Libertarian Moment"  Cultural contradictions between the glibertarians and cranky old gun nuts.

"The Constant Cruelty of the Israeli Occupation: A No-go Zone in The NY Times"

"Jerusalem Descends into Blood Lust"  Incredible depravity, even by Jewish standards.

"A masterclass in sophistry: Patrick Cockburn on the Russian intervention in Syria"  Pulse tries to cover itself with some lefty filler, but it consistently reads as if it was funded by Sunni Islamist terrorist interests (Saudi?).

"Syria Crisis: Let's Welcome Russia's Entry Into This War" by Patrick Cockburn.  The comments note that Cockburn is protecting the guilty, but you can't really blame him as that truth cannot be mentioned in polite company!

"Afghan Doctor Slaughter Pulls Back Curtain"

"Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch justifies and dismisses US attack on Kunduz but then deletes the tweet"  Roth would be a far more useful Zionist trickster if he wasn't so obvious.

"For Whom the Phone Rings: The Genius Cult"  You have to gasp at some of these 'geniuses'.  Nobel Peace Prize has fallen into this rut as well.

"As China growth flags, analysts weigh alternative indicators"  I'm sure you've noted that the stated economic health of the American Empire is based on an enormous number of 'economic indicators', all of which measure the success of financial paper shuffling, or how people feel about various things.  They make sure never to measure anything that might reveal what is really going on.

Tweet (Revolution News):
"We've received a take-down notice from the Turkish Telecom Authority for this article. We encourage you to share now http://revolution-news.com/turkish-police-drag-deceased-body-of-haci-lokman-birlik-through-streets-of-sirnak/ …"
Tweet (Molly Crabapple):
"Fun fact? for prisoners, Pennsylvania has a "one good eye" policy where they'll withhold medical care if only one eye is going blind"
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