Tuesday, October 13, 2015


"US Caught Faking It in Syria", which cites "Seize the Chaos".  Truth is anti-Semitic.

"An Even Better Question for Syria Hawks":
"The principal hawkish error in Syria is in assuming that the U.S. should be involved in the conflict at all. Drezner describes the outcomes that the hawks seek as “attractive goals,” but it hasn’t ever been clear why they should be attractive for the U.S. The most important question that hawks can’t answer, and which they are almost never asked: “How are American interests protected and advanced by taking sides in Syria’s civil war?” There has never been a remotely persuasive answer to that question, and I suspect that there never will be because no vital U.S. interests were ever at stake there."
I like to call them Wars For The Jews. That's because they are:
  1. Wars
  2. For
  3. The Jews.
If, and only if, Americans get that through their thick heads will they be able to have nice things again.

"The Syria story"  Another term I like to use is the 'Jew-controlled media'.

"There is a new Syrian rebel shop in town: US-supported Tajammu` Al-Izzah: they promise to "fight until the last drop of the Syrian people"--kid you not"

"Has Obama Come to His Senses?"  No.  The Jewish billionaires who bribe Barry are taking a longer time line in the building of Greater Israel than the Sheldon-Bibi messianic crew.

Speaking of the messianics:  "US: The mystery murder of Palestinian Alex Odeh"  "Demanding Answers in Unsolved Murder of Palestinian-American Activist Alex Odeh"  From 1993:  "Countywide : Alex Odeh's Hopes Near Realization"  "Twenty years later, still no charges in Alex Odeh assassination" (my emphasis in red - only one group in the world gets this crazy leniency from the American government):
"With so many arrows pointing, why wasn’t Manning prosecuted for Odeh’s killing? In what amounts to a political compromise of Biblical proportions, Manning can’t be tried for Odeh’s murder because of an extradition agreement between the U.S. and Israel. The reason: the assassination occurred after he became an Israeli citizen."

"Racists appropriate anti-racist slogan #IsraeliLivesMatter"  "The guide to Palestinian survival in Israel"  Exactly like 'the talk' that Black American parents have to give their sons on how to survive police encounters, making this Jewish appropriation of a hashtag deeply ironic.

Not CIA Employee of the Year Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi!:  "UNCONFIRMED: ISIS leader wounded by Iraqi-Russian coordinated airstrike"  The new sharing of intelligence is already paying off.  The Americans always know where he is for how else would they know where to send the paycheck.
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