Sunday, October 11, 2015


"Isis seizes ground from Aleppo rebels under cover of Russian airstrikes"  Based on anonymous terrorist sources.  The comments, at least, are good.  Echoes from the Barnyard, similarly sourced, so this is the official neocon line:  "ISIS Makes Gains in Syria Territory Bombed by Russia"

Whenever you see the term 'barrel bomb', get your bullshit shovel out:  "Guardian accused of passing off terrorist “hell cannon” as “barrel bombs”"

"2-minute video: real news when a reporter snaps"

"Two different versions of the same events in Gaza reveal Jodi Rudoren’s bias"

"CNN absolves the Saudi regime of war crimes in Yemen"

"The CIA Just Declassified the “WMD Document” of the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) That Supposedly Justified the Iraq Invasion – Jason Leopold/Global Research"  Sometimes I wonder about the timing.

"Vice, Vice, Baby: Vice News, Sputnik and the Cold Nature of Proper-ganda"  Vice is useful, if erratic, but if I had to choose I'd take Sputnik over Vice any day.

We may be witnessing that moment when the Empire abdicates its imperial position.  It is odd how quiet and unnoticed it is.  "There and Back Again - Your Trip Through the American Empire"  Jammin':  "Why did US Navy pull US Aircraft Carrier out of Persian Gulf?"  "A Decisive Shift In the Power Balance Has Occurred"

It appears that Harper's Hail Mary attempt to win on a pure hate campaign backfired (they are now projecting a strong Liberal minority government), and the haters are crying:  "Immigration — The Canadian Election Issue That Wasn't"
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