Friday, October 02, 2015

Let's unite

"Open Letter to Frank Gaffney"  The problem when supremacists collude is that each one thinks the other is an inferior piece of shit too stupid to know he is being used.

"Armageddon is not turning out quite as Gog and Magog planned it – Katherine Frisk/Veterans Today"

You can find movies supporting every possible social cause imaginable.  Have you noticed that Hollywood makes piles of warmongering movies, but never makes an anti-war movie?  That anti-Semitic rascal is at it again:  "Andrew Garfield admits to nerves ahead of Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge shoot"

The Australian who is now running Harper's campaign used to work for Boris.  Tweet (Paul Adams):
"Boris Johnson explains the "dead cat" tactic. #niqab"
They'd like us to think they are a civil and peaceful people, always the victims: "Report Examines Widespread Attacks On Palestinian Human Rights Activists On College Campuses".  The media outlets they control make sure you never hear about it.

"Putin’s Global Game Changer"

"SHORT AND SHARP: Which groups did the Russians target in Syria ?" by Patrick Bahzad

"U.S. Bombs Somehow Keep Falling in the Places Where Obama “Ended Two Wars”"  "US bombs don't kill: only Russian bombs kill. US bombs never hit civilians: only Russian bombs kill civilians"  "Despite Brutal Irony, US Accuses Russia Of ‘Pouring Gasoline On Fire’ In Syria"  "Orwell at the UN"  "Obama’s Ludicrous ‘Barrel Bomb’ Theme"  The worst thing that can happen to an American President is to look weak, out-maneuvered, out-classed.

"Let’s unite against the project by Al-Qaïda and Daesh – Thierry Meyssan/"  Due to the obvious ISIL-JSIL alliance, this is really a worldwide anti-Zionist movement.
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