Wednesday, October 21, 2015


"“Someone Killed Jacky”"  The most important part of this is the early control of the ridiculous cover-up story, most certainly out of Turkey, which points us to the most likely culprit, either Turkey or some entity allied with Turkey.

"Musings on Turkey (by CP)"  When you muster all the facts it starts to look like the Turks have a plan.

"Netanyahu: Hitler Didn’t Want to Exterminate the Jews – Haaretz" I assume Deborah Lipstadt has already returned all the money she lawfared out of David Irving, as the entire concept of 'revisionism' is now no more than a joke.

There have already been some harsh criticisms of Trudeau before he has had a chance to do anything, almost as if people are jealous of the concept of Canada having sane leadership, but here is the first thing he did:  "PM-Elect Of 'US Ally' Canada Wastes No Time: Tells Obama Will Withdraw Fighter Jets From Syria, Iraq".  He's a Liberal, so expect disappointment, but I think we should wait to criticize him after he first does something awful.

"Canada Lurches to the Left" by David Frum.  At least Frum gives a backhanded compliment.

"#ThankYouStephenHarper: PM Lauded, Mocked On Twitter After Defeat"  Conservatives created the hashtag but it backfired!

"Analysis: Tories considered telling voters that Stephen Harper would not seek re-election"  Everything they did backfired as Harper himself was so universally despised.

"Police probe 13 more politicians over claims of child sex abuse"  It has reached the point where the only sensible path is to assume they are all pedophiles unless they can prove the contrary.

"A Plea for Mideast Policy Realism" by Chas W. Freeman.  The American Empire has reached the point of exhaustion that the British Empire had reached at the Suez Crisis so this plea - which boils down to stopping the helping of World Jewry to build the Zionist Empire - is finally starting to resonate in the American elites.

"Why Russia is Serious About Fighting Terrorism and the US Isn’t"  The United States is by far the world's most important 'state supporter of terrorism'.

"Trump: Bush Had “Advanced Notice” of 9/11"  I thought Trump would let this go but he rightly smells blood.  This is serious business - the excuses for Bush are often coming from the American 'left'.

Tweet (Bob Crowe):
"Stephen Harper just woke up: Naheed Nenshi is his mayor, Rachel Notley his premier, and Justin Trudeau his PM. #GoodMorning #cdnpoli"
[Naheed Nenshi is the gay Muslim mayor of Calgary and Rachel Notley is the socialist premier of Alberta.]
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