Sunday, October 18, 2015

Missing piece

"Broke British woman hangs herself in Turkish airport after missing flight"  "British woman commits suicide at Istanbul airport after missing flight to Iraq"

Liz Sly (!!!) provides the missing piece in a tweet:
"This is awful & weird. Jacky Sutton of IWPR Baghdad killed herself at Istanbul airport after missing her flight.(??) …"
"Jacky Sutton's career in the conflict zone"  "Jacky Sutton"

IWPR (Institute for War and Peace Reporting - I can't reach its website) is an NGO, with Anne Appelbaum (!!!) amongst its directors.  It flies completely under the radar as a neocon outlet, despite its fascination with neocon subjects and its iffy board of directors.  I'm sure she didn't kill herself but was probably murdered by some entity trying to prevent a color revolution or similar Zio-American nonsense in Iraq.

Is this part of the new Russian proactive program (i.e., kill them before they kill you)?  It would be wonderful if the fucking neocons for once had to start looking over their shoulders.  This woman probably thought she was doing good working for good people,  but the looming presence of Anne Appelbaum shouts otherwise.
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