Wednesday, October 14, 2015


"The MH-17 ‘Report’"  "MH-17: The Dog Still Not Barking"

Reading the media reports, you'd think the Palestinians were on some completely unprovoked rampage against poor innocent Jews.  "130 Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians in the last week"  "Defending the Indefensible: How The NY Times Spins for Israel":
"Kershner takes all the stabbing allegations as fact, rejecting any evidence to the contrary, and nowhere in this lengthy story do we find any concern for how Palestinians are feeling even though more than two dozen have been killed since Oct. 1 and more than 1,300 wounded (compared with four Israelis killed and some 28 wounded in the same time period)."  
This is a coordinated operation between the settler movement and the Bibi government it controls, probably to distract from the Iran deal and Russian anti-terrorist operation, and possibly as part of some land grab.  East Jerusalem is on the Jew wish list, the argument being that Jews can't be safe with all these East Jerusalem Arabs roaming around:  "Israeli police set up East Jerusalem checkpoints"  "Israel Orders Army to Patrol Cities Amid Wave of Deadly Clashes"

"Unleashing mob violence in Jerusalem: An act of desperation"

"Why is the world ignoring a wave of terror in Israel?"  As usual, the comments cut through the bullshit.

Tweet (Jamal Dakwar):
".@HillaryClinton statement on #Israel/#Palestine supports racist people who believe #Palestinian lives don't matter!"
"Elections Canada says 3.6 million votes cast during advance polls"  "Vote That Fucker Out!"  This is probably the last federal first-past-the-post election in Canada, as our betters want to set up the kind of permanent political class that the Europeans currently 'enjoy'.  Job security for the fucking toffs high on the party lists is thought to be more important than the ability of the people to send assholes to permanent political oblivion.

"If we are to help Syria’s people, we must take action"  Note how Benn completely wrecks Corbyn's legitimacy.

"The bomb attack on the antiwar march in Ankara, Turkey on Oct 10"  "Ankara Bombing: An Attack Designed to Sow Division Appears to Have Succeeded"  Comment by richard vajs:
"A very telling comment was made by a surviving member of the bombed demonstration. She noted that it was so strange that the demonstration, which included Kurds demonstrating for further independence from Turkey, was not heavily infiltrated by Turkish police, as is usual. The reasonable answer is the Turkish police stayed away because they knew that a “false flag” attack was in the works.
Same old routine was pulled in Iraq – get two annoying factions to fight each other by pulling “false flag” events. In Iraq, Sunni mosques get bombed (supposedly by Shi-ites) and vice versa, until they went at each other."
"Is “Islamic Terrorism” a Myth?"
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