Monday, October 19, 2015

The last election in Canada

I voted, strategically, for the Liberal, though I would have held my nose and voted for the NDP if that was the way to defeat the fucker.

We're throwing the fucker out, in real time,  As the election works its way across a wide country from east to west - taking into the account the Canadian invention of time zones - the CBC is showing 28 Liberals elected in the Maritimes and 5 Liberals leading, without a sniff for any other party.

It is worth savoring this, as the inevitable end of first past the post will mean we will be stuck with the 'lists' of political mediocrities that plague Europe.  We're doomed to a future of political lifers in some aimless coalition of assholes and fuckers.  Canadians should take real joy in throwing the fuckers out, as we'll never be able to do it again.
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