Friday, October 09, 2015

The lulz is threatened

"Hacker 'Weev' Threatens to Dox 'Dozens' of Prosecutors after Keys Conviction"  "US Attorneys shopping for prostitutes on taxpayer dime. -- Leaks incoming"  Prosecutors were never all that good at following the law or morality, but since the Shittening there has been a complete collapse, with the War on Drugs, the Global War On Terror, and now the mass surveillance state turning them into nothing more than a group of monsters.

Tweet (Andrew Auernheimer):
"The lulz is threatened and you must be willing to die for it. Absolute, unconditional commitment. We win, or we die."
"Journalist Matthew Keys maintains innocence after guilty verdict in L.A. Times hacking case"  Another case where prosecutors tried to use criminal law threats to force a journalist to reveal his sources, and followed through on the threat when he refused.

"How Putin will Win in Syria"  Neocons are concern trolling Russia by warning of a 'quagmire', but Putin faces no quagmire as he need not put boots on the ground, relying instead on the Syrian army with some help from Iran and Hezbollah.  The speed of Russian success must be bitterly embarrassing for the American military, forced by World Jewry to pretend-fight the natural terrorist allies of the Jews.

"NY Times admits US arms Al Qaeda"

"Bellingcat accuses Russia of faking videos showing jets dropping bombs on ISIS"  "Reports of Russian missiles falling in Iran lies, part of psychological war - Iranian general"

"The Mystery of ISIS' Toyota Army Solved"

"In final Failure for Bush/Cheney, many in Iraq seek Russian Alliance"  The big question:  after he de-terrorizes Syria, does Putin push on to Iraq?

"Anti-Muslim “Global Rally for Humanity” Stands in Contrast to Events Promoting Coexistence"  "Armed Anti-Muslim Activists Plan Mosque Protests In 20 Cities This Week"  Take a wild guess at who you think is really behind this.

"Howard Stern calls for Israel to “wipe Palestinians off the face of the earth” — That’s ok, right?"

"Video: Israel lures protesters into trap" by Jonathon Cook

"The Political Consequences of Mental Models"  This sounds stupid.  Why?  Absence of conspiracy theory.

"Political blackmail is real: Why lawmakers should care about electronic privacy more than most"  Smart.

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