Monday, October 05, 2015

The Wolfowitz Doctrine

"Putin Has Just Put An End to the Wolfowitz Doctrine"  The days of unopposed yinonization for the Zionist Empire are over.

"Saudis Mull Launch Of Regional War As Russia Pounds Targets In Syria For Fourth Day"  Saudi royalty is this close (holding thumb and index finger very close together) to losing their heads over their Yemen slaughtering adventures, so I don't think we'll be seeing much more from the Saudis other than diplomatic mischief.

"Saudis Mull Launch Of Regional War As Russia Pounds Targets In Syria For Fourth Day":
"In US jargon “free” anything means the unrestricted ability of US corporations and their allies to extract labour, raw materials and any other resources from any place in the world without interference by the people or governments of countries that may be in possession of them. US “core interests” are just what George Kennan said they were in 1947—everything the US wants to satisfy its gluttonous ruling class, just like the slave labour that made the US from the very beginning. Israel and Saudi Arabia are US allies in the region for this purpose."
I hate to keep belaboring the obvious, but anyone with half a brain can immediately see that the effect of all the American wars is the exact opposite of this, with American capital prominently excluded from these markets (often replaced by China or another of the BRICS).  The oil companies are on record as being against these wars for this very reason.  War For The Jews are not good for American capital interests (except those which produce arms).  In fact, the shift from old fashioned colonialist wars to exclusively Wars For The Jews marks the turn in the decline of the American Empire.

"Turkish Police Drag Deceased Body of Hacı Lokman Birlik Through Streets of Sirnak"  "Video: Death-chanting Israeli mob rejoices as Palestinian teen is executed"

"Somalia Ratifies Rights of Children Treaty, Leaving United States as only Holdout"

"So Who is in Russia’s Crosshairs in Syria?":
"And in regard to the intrigues concocted by the monarchies, the US, and Turkey, I believe that the Islamists being bombed by Russia will actually soon be supplied with more up-to-date weaponry. I will not be surprised if the militants turn out to have not only portable air-defense systems, but also some that are only more or less portable. What’s more, these supplies will be delivered directly from Turkey.

No doubt that the Western intelligence agencies have already ordered their sponsored cells to elaborate resonant terrorist attacks against Russian interests worldwide. This shameless tactic will bring no other result but persuading everyone still hesitating about the real masters of ‘Caliphate Project’ that the black Daesh/Al_Qaeda banner is being knit far outside the Muslim world."
Tweet (Mike J.) (more on the conservative allergy to facts):
"A snapshot of how many science libraries the Harper goverment has closed since 2010. It's quite alarming. #CdnPoli"
If you can believe the polls - and they are manipulated (and the election is still dynamic with the Liberals surging) - we are looking at a Conservative minority government which will immediately lose a non-confidence motion to be replaced by a Liberal minority government propped up by the NDP (or possibly some kind of coalition once that asshole Mulcair is forced out of politics, hopefully forever). Harper would leave politics (completing a major deassholization procedure). This is actually the best possible political outcome for the country.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"This actually happened … "
It wasn't an 'accident' or 'collateral damage' or even the case of fighters using the hospital as a collection of 'human shields': "MSF demands independent probe into hospital airstrike in Afghanistan" MSF has been in the cross hairs since it had the audacity, bravery and integrity, unique amongst prominent NGOs, to complain about the slaughter by World Jewry of the people of Gaza.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"This is the headline AP chose for an article about Doctors Without Borders updating the death toll after US bombing"
Tweet (MSF International):
"The hospital was repeatedly & precisely hit during each aerial raid, while the rest of the compound was left mostly untouched #Kunduz"
Tweet (Michael Cohen):
"We should all hang our heads in shame over this: … "
"Americans Opposed to Being Shot Seek Representation in Washington":
"“For years, we’ve been talking about the right to not be shot and people have been looking at us like we’re out of our minds,” she said. “But recent polls show that a vast majority of Americans, in fact, do not want to be shot.”

While Foyler and other anti-being-shot activists believe that Washington may finally be receptive to their radical ideas, Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice-president of the National Rifle Association, is doubtful. “People who don’t want to be shot are a very narrow interest group,” he said."
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