Saturday, October 10, 2015

Time for revolution

"Russia’s New Mega-Missile Stuns the Globe – David Axe/The Daily Beast"  "How Syria is becoming a test bed for high-tech weapons of electronic warfare"

"US-ISIS Coalition?!"

"WikiLeaks Reveals How the US Aggressively Pursued Regime Change in Syria, Igniting a Bloodbath"

Although the Traditional Enemies Of Peace are musing about a military attack on Russia, I think this color revolution attack is far more likely:  "FSB Leak: The Balkanization of Russia – has it begun?"

Do you think this was the Yinon deal for Syria?:
"London sources familiar with Israeli politics add that Russian strategy has the tacit backing of Israel. “This is because [President Vladimir] Putin has told [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu that Israel can count on a no-threat zone running from Damascus south and east to the Golan. No threat means no Syrian Army, no jihadists. Russia and Israel will now have what [Israeli Prime Minister David] Ben-Gurion once explained was Israel’s long-term objective – the breakup of the large, potentially powerful secular Arab states into small sectarian territories too weak to do anything but threaten each other.”"
"Syria: US Success Would Only Be the End of the Beginning"  Lieberman!  MEK!! Now!!!

Multiple layers of book reviewing corruption!:  "Reviewing Kissinger"

With Henry the K and Brzezinski I'm feeling 70s conspiracy nostalgia: "U.S.-allied dictator carried out targeted assassination in Washington"  "The Letelier-Moffitt Assassination: New Evidence"

"Blast Shakes Ankara Just in Time to Justify NATO Incursion into Syria"  The Turks are on a big Kurd killing spree - like the Jewish killing spree against the Palestinians, invisible in the Jew-controlled media (who, needless to say, report it as a big killing spree against Jews!) - so blaming this mass murder on close Turkish ally ISIS is quite rich.

"Leaked (final?) TPP Intellectual Property chapter spells doom for free speech online"  When we find out all that is in this, well after it has been passed into law, we will learn that the 0.1% decided to take everything.  It really is time for revolution.

They keep telling us there is no certainty in security:  Very meta tweet (Cryptome):
"Leak site Cryptome accidentally leaks its own visitor IP addresses  via @dailydot"

Tweet (Ping).
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