Sunday, October 18, 2015

Traditional perogative

Tweet (Andrew Auernheimer):
"Why do you think the Soros types were working so hard to oust Brendan Eich? He was Mozilla's only moral conscience."
"Tycooniest"  Tip of the iceberg, but it does tie together elements of the Trump grift.

The Globe and Mail issued a bizarre and incoherent endorsement of the Conservatives (the big Postmedia chain also endorsed the Conservatives).  "Did the owners of Canada’s national newspapers order them to endorse Harper?"  "#UnfollowTheGlobe"

Tweet (Paula Simons):
"And yes. Before you ask, this was a decision made by the owners of the paper. As is their traditional prerogative."

Tweet (James Mullins):
"The @globeandmail endorses The News, but not Huey Lewis.  #moreglobeendorsements #elxn42"
"Andrew Coyne v The National Post"  You start to get an idea of how important a Harper victory is to the 0.1%, so important that they are willing to risk the faltering economic health of the entire newspaper industry.

I'm worried about some big vote fraud trickery, for which they have form:  "Conservatives facing criminal investigation over election law violation for the 4th election in a row"

"“Throwout,” by William Thorsell"  Thorsell used to edit the Globe, and is easily one of the great villains in Canada today, so this common sense is striking and reflects just how horrible Harper has been.

"Tory supporter's 'sex with a sheep' comment inspires flurry of online puns"

"Video: Did Israeli soldier plant knife on teen killed by settler?"  A lot of American police are still training in Israel.  I wonder if the Americans are passing on American policing tips to the Israelis.

"Rabin assassin’s family are not outcasts and his brother is congratulated for bravery — Ephron"

"AJ Schmeltzer on Syria"  Maybe . . .

"Sociopath Media report - 17th October, 2015"  Note the Orthodox priest lie.

"Archbishop of Aleppo says the UK is backing jihadis & mercenaries"

The concentration camp guard's bizarre supremacist self-projection has completely outed Josh Marshall (yikes!). Blood pours from his fangs.

"American Psycho - Has The United States Lost Its Collective Mind?"  An antipsychotic?  Sounds about right.

"Uncivil Rites of the Corporate Neoliberal University: the Curious Case of Steven Salaita"  "College Administrators Hold Candlelight Vigil To Honor Donor Lost In Mishandled Rape Case"
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