Monday, October 12, 2015

Unprofessional politics

"2 powerful Gulf sheikhs talk Syria with Putin"  Putin can offer the Saudis the possibility of a face-saving way out of Yemen if they stop financing mischief in Syria.

"Farrakhan’s “Justice or Else” march rocks DC"  Another example of the odd phenomenon in a police state - everybody knows exactly what is going on, but it is never officially stated.

"You Think the NSA Is Bad? Meet Former CIA Director Allen Dulles.":
"There's a thread there between people like Dulles up through Dick Cheney and [Donald] Rumsfeld—who was sitting at Dulles's knee at one point. I was fascinated to find that correspondence between a young Congressman Rumsfeld and Allen Dulles, who he was looking to for wisdom and guidance as a young politician.

MJ: I'm interested to hear you mention Rumsfeld. Do you think the Bush years compared in ruthlessness or secrecy to what was going on under Dulles?

DT: Definitely. That same kind of dynamic was revived or in some ways expanded after 9/11 by the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld administration. Those guys very much were in keeping with the sort of Dulles ethic, that of complete ruthlessness. It's this feeling of unaccountability, that democratic sanctions and regulations don't make sense in today's ruthless world."

The neocon unintelligentsia is fumbling:  "US Senate Hearing Discusses Using Refugees as Human Shields in Syria"

"Hectored by Zionist wannabe archaeologists, ‘NYT’ recasts article on Jewish temples"  When I read the original article, I was shocked how honest it was.  The big problem that everybody is talking around is what real archaeologists know, that the Temples weren't in Jerusalem.  The Khazars stole the wrong piece of land!

The lying 'journalist' meme.  "Sociopath Media report - October 11th, 2015"  "Media Reports ISIS Nuclear Plot That Never Actually Involved ISIS"  "The Demonology School of Journalism"  "President Putin Gives Leadership Lesson to Dumbshit American Journalists (There Are No Other Kind)"  One of the many advantages of Putin's stout action is that it brings the scum to the surface.

"From the daily briefing of the US Department of State on whether stabbing is terrorism"

"New Hillary Clinton Emails: Anne-Marie Slaughter, Sidney Blumenthal Urged Libya Military Action"  This is an important insight into part of the real high-treason scandal of Benghazi, one that the Republicans will never dare get close to in their slow-motion investigation.

"I didn’t think TTIP could get any scarier, but then I spoke to the EU official in charge of it"

"Why Are Dianne Feinstein and Janet Napolitano Backing a McCarthyite Push Against Palestine Activists?"  Note the hint at the Jewish billionaire (Seth Klarman) who may be funding the still mysterious Canary Mission.

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