Thursday, October 15, 2015

Useful list

"Assassination Reciprocity"  "Ukrainians Eager to Help Out ISIS"

"Neither prayer nor propaganda nor the paper of record will ever convince the world of the Jewish right to control al Aqsa plaza"  On the minor detail that the Khazars stole the wrong piece of land.

"Crombie refuses to apologize over mosque stance"  Canadian mayor calls out some haters, who don't like being identified as haters.

"Guardian makes “error” reading MH17 report, accuses rebels of cover up"  "MH17: From Syria to Ukraine, When Lying Catches Up"  "John Helmer: Autopsy of MH17 Crash and the Dutch Report" This is just sanction-extending propaganda. "France wants to sell warships to Russia"

"Obama Administration Earmarks $12M For Holocaust Survivors"

"Artists got ‘Homeland is racist’ Arabic graffiti into the latest episode of ‘Homeland’ – Elahe Izadi/The Washington Post"

"Putin might be right on Syria: The actual strategy behind his Middle East push — and why the New York Times keeps obscuring it"  Careful but clear reference to the Deep Jewish Problem.

"America Reels as Putin ‘Redlines’ Israel – Gordon Duff/Veterans Today":
". . . there is a story behind this, one no one has touched. According to Pentagon insiders, the operations of ISIS and her sister organizations are being led out of the Pentagon itself. This is how it was explained to me:

“You know the Pentagon is run almost entirely by “end times” Christian Zionists. The military leadership of the United States believes that it is necessary for ISIS to conquer not only Syria and Iraq but Jordan as well. Only when ISIS takes over enough biblical sites, such as Palmyra and the Second Temple of Solomon at Tadmoor, will the End Times Prophesies be fulfilled.
This is why the bombings don’t work, this is why ISIS supply operations are backed by US air drops, this is why ISIS has full access to American intelligence and this is why Israel is using its air force and now ground troops inside Syria to help ISIS.”

Russian air forces operating in Syria aren’t just there to stop ISIS but to put a stop to rogue Pentagon operations supporting and resupplying ISIS and to put an air umbrella over the region to stop Israel from using her massive air power under the black flag of the Islamic State."
Jeff Blankfort baits some Zionists into saying a little more than they should have:  "Rachel Roberts and the Alison Weir Controversy – FaceBook Message"

"“Hands Off Syria” Applies to Russia Too"  To which is appended a useful list of Wahabists.
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